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African Wedding Traditions and customs

African Wedding Traditions and customs – Feel the Unforgettable Experience

Where ever you go or live as a black person – African wedding traditions and customs should ring continuously in

wolof people

Intriguing Wolof People’s Custom about Marriage, Divorce and Polygamy

Marriage in Senegal has greatly changed in recent times due to western influences. But in rural areas the differences are


Yoruba Traditional Wedding – How to go About it | Weddingtin

Yoruba Traditional wedding ceremony is filled with graceful colours and sumptuous meals. Weddings in Yoruba land is an event to

isoko traditional wedding

Must Read: Awesome Isoko Traditional Marriage Attire For 2019

The Isoko people are colourful in nature, they like to mix colours in what ever thing they do. This can

jukun traditional marriage attire

Jukun Marriage Traditions – How to go about it in 2019|weddingtin

Like every other African Tradition – the Jukun people are a custodian of African culture and its beauty. Jukun marriage


Awesome Culture of Tiv people: Tiv Traditional Marriage Custom – How It is Done

Tiv traditional marriage has evolved from what is it obtainable years ago. the marriage customs have changed due to the

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