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Wolof People: Marriage Traditions and Divorce – Why It’s Important in Wolof Culture|Weddingtin

Marriage in Senegal has greatly changed in recent times due to western influences. But in rural areas the differences are


3 Engaging Steps to Write Funny Wedding Vows: 10 Wedding Vows Sample for Him or her

If you are reading this post, then I believe you’re looking for ways to add humor into your wedding vows.

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The Best Wedding Ceremony Songs 2019 | Weddingtin

My friend Mike came to me looking down and beaten, I asked him what the issue was? He said “Wedding


The History of Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Anniversary Gifts List by Year |Weddingtin

In today’s article I am going to take you through the history of traditional wedding anniversary gifts and anniversary gifts


A New Beginning for Micheal and Elizabeth as They Tied the Knot

A new year signifies so many things for different people; to some it’s signified the beginning of new life style,


Photos-The Wedding Ceremony of Elisabeth Akanimo and Joshua Pwajok in JOS

The wedding ceremony of Elisabeth Akanimo and Joshua pwajok   was one to be remembered for a long time. The wedding