11 Awesome Nigerian Wedding traditions that Looks Strange But True

There are over 300 tribes in Nigeria, everyone with their own variations on the noticeable Nigerian wedding traditions, however, some of the widely recognized tribes are Yoruba, Hausa, and also Igbo, so in this article, we’re going to dwell on their remarkable wedding traditions.

Much like plenty of societies, couples observe tradition long prior to the special day gets here. As far as Nigerian wedding ceremony traditions is concern, this starts with the introduction ceremony, in which each household integrated for probably the first time.

They alternate gifts to every other and additionally, the bride-to-be’s family contributors will provide the potential groom with a bride price list for what he’s going to sincerely require to provide to the family members in order for them to approve a commitment.

right here are a few Nigerian wedding ceremony traditions that you never knew

Nigerian wedding traditions you likely didn’t know exist

1. Time to shop

Consistent with the Igbo bride, the bride-to-be’s circle of relatives provides the prospective bridegroom with a bride price list that he wishes to accomplish with a purpose to get their authentic blessing to marry.

The list normally includes, yet not limited to, garments, meals, white goods, as well as large items like a new car. A few families moreover need hard-to-find objects like an alligator enamel.

A new bride’s dowry will certainly emerge as tons extra costly if she has gone to college in addition to holds a degree or doctorate. This has absolutely triggered many possible marriages failing on the very first difficulty because the bridegroom was not able to have the funds for the household’s requirements.

nigerian wedding traditions

Ladies from the bride-to-be’s circle of relatives and house members will examine the things presented by the groom to ensure they specifically suit the checklist he was given, or that he has provided monetary compensation for the things he hasn’t provided. Just when the ladies are pleased will certainly the engagement be allowed to proceed.

2. Position matters

Nigerian wedding traditions are cultured to obey seniority in all dealings. A young lad has to wait until his/her elder siblings marry before they could marry. Therefore, you have to pray hard that your brother or sibling does no longer wishes to remain as a bachelor for life.

Within the Igbo clan, all marriages have to follow in order. From the oldest to the younger ones. Younger siblings must put off their weddings for their older brother or sisters to wed first, or decide to proceed without a proper blessing of their relatives.

3. Man up

In the Hausa tribe, males that need to get wedded should confirm their love for their new bride in one of the most excruciating methods feasible – by withstanding a hundred lashes.

The culture states that if the person flinches, cries, or demonstrate in any way that he’s in agony, the marriage can’t go on.

4. Two times the fun

Nigerian couples normally have two weddings, with a cultural wedding observed, then followed by a spiritual rite that is mostly western in nature. These ceremonies are held days in addition to in some instances weeks apart.

Whilst some new brides decide to use a white wedding dress for his or her religious ceremony, couples are progressively going back to their cultural roots and wearing sensational, tremendous clothing in their tribal colorations.

Traditional Igbo wedding dress includes a lace shirt, a vibrant isi agwu, matching or contrasting coral beads and additionally head tie.

igbo wedding attire for couple

While new brides use their conventional clothing, their makeup and devices are similarly as extreme and additionally vibrant. Couples who stick with the western dress during the church wedding ceremony will most times drop the white wedding ceremony dress after the ceremony and get prepared in their traditional robe for the reception.

5 . All are welcomed

In most Nigerian weddings, all are welcomed, so attempting to control the guest list is a problem Nigerian couples won’t like to indulge.

Wedding ceremony hosts simply plan for the largest number of visitors possible when it involves food catering, seating. A designated guest checklist of 250 could easily double or triple as the word ventures out. Besides, who needs to miss out on the possibility to have fun?

6. Matching outfit

” aso-ebi” equates to “own family member’s clothes” in Yoruba language and this is especially what you’ll find whilst participating in a Nigerian wedding ceremony.

Typical Nigerian couple selects colours and also textile they would like their guests to wear on their special day.

This makes it clean to distinguish the visitor that belongs to each of the couple’s family members at a look, and long-time close pals that aren’t on the bridal party normally choose to participate with the aso-ebi as well.

7. Respect is important

Regardless of how pricey or state-of-the-art your wedding outfit is, or just how soiled the floor is, in case you are a friend of the groom at a traditional Yoruba wedding, you may simply be required to lie prostrate on the strong ground before the bride-to-be’s mom and dad as a signal of appreciation.

8. Carrying of the bride

It is one of the main parts of Nigerian wedding traditions, especially with the Yoruba tribe. However, just like the western culture of lifting a new bride over a threshold, a groom is expected to be able to carry his latest-new bride to reveal that he has the power to take care of her throughout their marriage.

9. Money rain in a Nigerian wedding ceremony

A protracted Nigerian wedding tradition is to spray money on the bride-to-be. This could be accomplished at any time, although while the newlywed is about walking onto the dance floor, cash is commonly thrown through older guests.

The bridesmaids are tasked with gathering all of the tossed cash.

money rain in Nigerian wedding

10. Catering services

The bride’s mother generally provides meals in Nigerian wedding traditions with the assist of own family members and friends. Meals additionally plays a large duty during the wedding ceremony, with both sides of the household presenting each other trays of food and additionally other gifts to show their connection to each other.

11. Party on

Songs and dancing function greatly in Nigerian weddings and additionally a variety of the fine wedding ceremony songs, consisting of iwayo mi, chop my cash, kukere and skelewu keeps the party refreshing.

When the DJ lineup some these songs, the dance ground is set to be filled with visitors both old and young Boogie on down the dance ground.

Nigerian wedding guesy dancing hard

Don’t stress much in case you’re unfamiliar with any or all of these Nigerian wedding traditions, just search on YouTube. This will provide you whatever you require to know so you can get acquainted with our awesome Nigerian wedding traditions.

Let have your comments on any of this Nigerian wedding traditions that gets you confused

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