How Much Does it Cost to Get Married at the Courthouse? – Awesome Guide to Save

There are plenty of reasons why a couple would possibly need to skip an elegant marriage ceremony and opt for a modest wedding ceremony at the neighborhood courthouse.

cost is an apparent reason. You may ask, how much does it cost to get married at the courthouse ? Let me shock you with this.

The average wedding in the United States costs about $38,700, excluding the honeymoon. This amount is sure to set most couples back on their savings for a year.

The pressure of making plans for a suitable wedding ceremony can provide absolutely everyone a migraine. Putting a couple and their families under tremendous stress. Why go through all this when you can have it very easy at the courthouse?

How Much does it Cost to get Married at the Courthouse?

As a relationship coach, a lot of intending couples have asked me. How much does it cost to get married at the courthouse? My answer to them is this; It cost little or nothing to get married at the courthouse. In fact, within 10 minutes a courthouse wedding ceremony would have been concluded.

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The most pricey thing at the wedding is the bride’s dress. It will cost around $150 for nice silk, blush-coloured reformation dress.  Other basic items on the list could be;

husband’s blazer: $ 95, marriage license: $60, Rite fee: $50, Bar tab: $275, Photography: above $ 400 for an hour. In TOTAL you may spend about $1,030.

If you are lucky to get married into a large circle of relatives, so a number of items will be taken care of by way of familial hospitality.

For me: my sister-in-law did my makeup, my husband’s mom made a massive pot of bird soup and Mexican cookies, and our wedding venue was an event area that my brother-in-law got for our supposed wedding reception.

Cost became manifestly the biggest reason whilst people determined to get married in a courthouse.

I have always advocated, if you had a couple of thousand bucks, you should position toward a home, a car, an overseas journey, or better yet, save it for your children’s tuition, as opposed to spending them on a one-day event. 

What does it take to get married at the courthouse?

Getting married at the courthouse is a notable substitute to the conventional flashy wedding ceremony and there are a number of reasons why a few couples select this route. For instance, it is much less luxurious and much simpler and faster to carry out.

To get married in a court, you need to procure a wedding license, pick out a date, plan the ceremony, and relish in the parties.

In addition to the aforementioned, these are step by step process to take in order to get married at the courthouse.

1. Getting a marriage license

A. Reach out to a local courthouse: Earlier before getting married at a court, you need to have a marriage license. You may obtain a license through calling your nearby circuit courtroom or looking into their internet site for details on ways to gain a marriage license.

They’ll let you know the steps that you will need to take in your Legal jurisdiction to attain a wedding license.

B. Getting the vital files: After reaching out to the courthouse, you will tell which documents are essential that allows you to gain a marriage license.

As an instance, you’ll both in all likelihood need to supply your driver’s license or government-issued identity card, birth certificates, and social security number.

Make certain you’ve got all the vital files before heading to the court to apply for the marriage license.

C. Fill out the form: Once you’ve accrued the essential facts, you can fill out the paperwork, vital information to use for the marriage license.

Information like your name, the name of your spouse, your date of birth, your place of residence, and the names of your parents. Depending on your county, this form can be filled online or in person.

D. pay a charge: While you are about applying for a marriage license you’ll be required to pay a small price. This charge varies from county to county and may range from $20 to $100.

Seek your local courthouse website to discover the price in your county. The fee might be paid in-person to a community clerk.

E. Apply for a marriage license: As soon as you’ve accrued all the essential paperwork and money, you and your lover can apply for a marriage license by getting in touch with your neighborhood courthouse. It’ll normally take a few days formerly when the license is issued.

2. making plans for your court ceremony

A.Pick out a date: Once your marriage license is ready, you can start planning the court ceremony. Go online or call the courthouse to know which days they carry out wedding ceremonies.

The instances and dates will be displayed in the vicinity, but generally, weddings are carried out throughout the working hours from Monday to Friday.

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In some areas, you’ll be able to book a particular date and time for your ceremony. On the other hand, a few districts only carry out walk-in wedding ceremonies. This indicates you must wait in line in an effort to get married at the court.

B. Ask questions for more detailed information about your wedding ceremony: Planning your court wedding, you ought to ask the court for any further information concerning your wedding. Courthouse proceedings are usually quick and don’t permit the couple to mention their very own vows and in some times you may not be able to have decorations and flora.

For instance, here are some vital questions you must ask:

  1. what number of guests are allowed to wait for the ceremony?
  2. are outdoor decorations and floras allowed?
  3. can we have a photographer inside the court?
  4. what should we put on?
  5. How much does it cost to get married at the courthouse?
  6. can we exchange rings at some stage in the wedding rite?
  7. can we be able to mention our personal vows?

C. Get witnesses: Witnesses are required to pen their signature on your marriage license. Typically, people pick a close buddy or relative, however, a witness can be all and sundry over the age of 18.

Take a look to discover what number of witnesses are vital and make certain that you have someone who can attend the ceremony with you. In some instances, multiple witnesses may be required.

D. Hire a photographer: You can hire a photographer, even though a court wedding is much less flashy than a conventional wedding ceremony. This will provide pictures that you could look back on and cherish for the rest of your life.

Most courts will permit photography all through the ceremony, but be sure to check in advance. If photography is not allowed, you can always take photographs earlier than or after the ceremony.

E. Invite your guests: You may need to have your immediate family physically at the court even as you get married.

You may ship out wedding invitations to let them see the info regarding the date, time, and place of the ceremony. Before sending out invites, make certain you understand how many invitees are allowed to wait at the ceremony.


To get married at the courthouse comes with more benefits. How much does it cost to get married at the courthouse? Shouldn’t be your problem, making yourself and spouse available for your wedding is all it takes.

Other than cost, the other advantage courthouse wedding has over the traditional wedding is the lack of stress.

Most wedding ceremony planning articles online recommend the newly engaged to provide themselves at the least 12 months to plan the wedding.

This indirectly means you should additionally prepare for 12 months’ worth of stress and pressure.

A massive time commitment is not worth it. The marriage process should be brief and painless, while nonetheless having some fun and focusing on the better parts of a wedding: the feasting and dancing.

More so, most courthouse weddings are at the city hall, City halls and courthouses aren’t dry and uninteresting, a few are rich in history and feature splendid artwork and architecture.

This makes it a beautiful location for cool pictures. Photographs that tell beautiful stories to generations unborn.

I believe this article has addressed your view on – how much does it cost to get married at the courthouse? Then expand your understanding of what it takes to get married at the courthouse?

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