Food Truck Wedding Catering: The New and Exciting Way to Cater Weddings in 2019

Food truck wedding catering is an outdoor catering. It is a fun wedding catering option for those who want something different from the norm. This kind of catering is an amazing choice for couples on tight budgets and planning a relaxed wedding environment.

Street food has enjoyed a massive surge of late in major cities across the world. They’re have moved into weddings and starting to take over the wedding scene, too. The Idea of food truck weddings are now popular and trending online. The search for “food truck wedding catering” is up 30% this year.

More couples are opting for food truck wedding catering services because it is cheaper and tend to produce an open, warm and relaxing environment at the wedding.

Zino’s Recipe recorded that a single food truck can be able to handle about 75 to 90 guests. Averagely a wedding has about180 guests, so two food trucks could be enough for such a wedding.

Wedding food can influence to set the tone and feeling for the rest of the day. Therefore, treating your guests to a mouth-watering cuisine will not only put smiles on their faces but set a lasting memory. Food truck wedding catering is poised to make that happen.

Why You Should Use a Food Truck to Cater Your Wedding
1.Save Money

If you are on a tight budget but want quality services, food truck wedding catering is your best option. Rather than paying a catering company for some fancy and mad expensive meal, you can save a lot of your wedding budget by hiring a food truck instead.

Now let’s do the math: A wedding reception is catered at around $66 per guest, let assume you have about guests 178 which would be a total of around $11,748

Food trucks, alternatively, cost about $20 per person; therefore, $20 multiplied by 178 guests is $3,560 saving you $8,188. What a huge saving without compromising on the taste of food and the fun of that outdoor event.

2. Variety of Options

Food trucks specialize in one or two particular types of food. Some serve food like tacos, cupcakes, desserts, burgers. Hiring one or more trucks can bring new foods to your guests’ plates. Your options are limitless when you want a food truck to cater for your wedding.

No matter what your food preference is, all you need do is to search for the food trucks that serve the kind of food you need.

If your guests are vegetarian! Get a food truck that specialized in vegan to come to cater to your wedding. Do you have a traditional crowd that enjoys national foods? A fusion of German, Asian or Greek food would be great for your wedding! You see the options are endless.

3. Tastier, Fresher Food

In food truck wedding catering, the kitchen is closer to the wedding, the food they serve is often fresher, and tastes better, than food that was prepared somewhere and brought to your wedding by caterers. This food may have denatured because of the long hours it has stayed before consumption.

One of the specialties of food trucks is that they prepare your meal as you order it, resulting in a delicious meal

4. Cleanup

Traditional wedding catering attracts dirty tableware and sorting them is hard work, hiring a food truck can save from such hustle. Food trucks serve foods on disposable and throwaway plates and trays. After your guests have eaten they can simply throw away their plates and utensils.

There is no need for the caterer to clean off tables and wash dishes,saving you from any extra work or expensive.

Are you planning for food truck wedding catering? Here is what you need to know
food truck catering
1. More than One food truck

If you are planning a big wedding with about 100 guests, getting more than two food truck is the best option. You don’t want your guest to have a sunburn, because between waiting to order and waiting for your food to be made would take some time.

Leaving your guest on a long line for too long would ruin the spectacle of the food truck, and run the risk of your guests getting bad-tempered with each other.

One way to deal with this, and to provide a variety, is to have more than one truck. For example, if you have a food truck that serves gourmet burgers, then consider hiring a French fries and milkshake trucks to complement the main food. This will help spice up your wedding with varieties of food.

2. Suitable venue

Sometimes there is a need for couples to take cognizance of the size of the trucks, especially when their side doors are open. These trucks are much bigger than they seem. It’s important to check and be sure the trucks can get to your wedding venue and park without causing any obstruction.

If your venue has a small number of spaces, you going to sacrifice possible places for your guests to park their cars. That is to say, your guests have to park a few blocks away and then walk down to your wedding venue. This is unpleasant and you are putting your guest through a lot of stress.

3. City Rules

When engaging a food truck wedding catering service, make sure you do your research before you place your booking. Some cities, like Chicago, have a very strict food truck laws

Some cities, like Chicago, have strict regulations for food trucks. It stipulates that food trucks park at least 200 feet away from a restaurant venue entrance and cannot serve food for more than two hours.

For the food truck to park on private property, you need to get written permission from your venue. Check with the city where your wedding is to take place, find out the parking, ordinance and zoning rules for hosting food trucks at your event.

4. Consider the season

Spring is probably the best time of year to use food trucks for weddings. Spring seasons are not too hot or too cold for guests to mingle outside while enjoying food catered by your food truck wedding catering service.

However, In the case of unpleasant weather, such as rain, it’s good to have a backup plan. Plan to set up a tent to cover your guests while they eat. You need to provide umbrellas so that guests can use to shuttle back and forth with so they don’t get wet while collecting their food.


Hiring a food truck to cater your wedding may seem easy and interesting. However, some difficulties maybe encounter.

One disadvantage of having a food truck cater to your wedding is the weather. It is out of the control of every couple. On a sunny and hot day standing on the line to order for food might be quite harsh on your guest.

Also, crowding together under a food truck on a cold, wet night isn’t anyone’s idea of the perfect wedding. The food may good, but the guests might not enjoy being forced to stand outside in the rain.

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