Wedding dresses for short curvy brides – make the best choice Shopping | 2019 Edition

Bigger and curvier women sometimes face huge challenges in finding a dress made perfectly for them, a dress that flatters her body shape. However, there is a vast collection of Wedding dresses for short curvy brides on offer.

Never feel restricted by your body size or shape, celebrate your curves in all the right places with a gown that highlights your shape and allow you to radiate confidence on your big day.

Go for a dress that was particularly made for the chubby and curvier bride in mind. There is a wealth of beautiful plus size designer collections in most bridal shops.

We believe that every bride is unique and has their taste and preference when it comes to design and style. With modern style and innovations, selecting the right wedding dress for the right body type is now made easier.

Most bridals have wedding dresses for short curvy brides with numerous style options that help you show off your curves, looking sexy and elegant on your wedding day.

Choosing what wedding dress to buy can be discouraging especially when you are short yet curvy. Don’t be discouraged, our guides for shopping for wedding dresses for short curvy brides are designed to help you match your body type and make the best choice.

Some of such is the mermaid wedding dresses designed for showing off your curves, and you have a lot of options to choose from (satin mermaid wedding dress, lace mermaid wedding dress). All these will be explained more in detail below as you read along.

Your wedding day is special and has to be perfect in every way there is. It is a day where two people, who supposedly love themselves, start living as a married couple. Even if everything is going to go wrong on that day, your wedding dress should not be part of the problem.

We have put together many choices of styles, designs, and fabrics that will help you find just what you are looking for, for your body type and your personality.

What to Look for When Selecting Wedding Dresses for Short Curvy Brides

When picking wedding dresses for short curvy brides, some points or factors must be considered. These factors will help every plus size or a curvy bride make the right choice.

For beautiful ladies out there who want to show off their curves and tone up their height on their most important day.

Here is what you need – you take note of the shape of the dress and the neckline or upper portion of gowns when shopping for a wedding dress for short curvy brides.

Different Shapes of Wedding Dresses for short Curvy Brides
The A-line Dress

This is generally suitable for numerous brides and body types. This dress is an exceptional substitute for the traditional ball gown.

It helps shorter brides to elongate their lower body part which will create an illusion of a taller bride. The A-line dress is perfect for a short bride because of these attributes. Brides that are big or curvy can opt for this style too.

A line wedding dresses short curvy brides

It is great and fitting for all body shapes. When in doubt, it is advisable to choose the A-line to make sure you look good on your special day.

The Mermaid Dress

The mermaid dress is a figure-hugging type of wedding gown. It’s huge your body straight down and flares out at the knees area. This dress is glorious for women with curves in all the right places.

Women with very balanced busts, waist and hips can wear this dress with confidence, because it shows off that amazing hourglass shape.

Notably, this dress is not for everyone. Skinny with straight up and down shape, should not wear this. Big or very plump women should not attempt this dress.

This dress can be daunting and not the most comfortable for all-day wearing because it’s very figure-hugging. You should consider all the options before choosing this beautiful design.

The Column Dress

This dress is shaped like the mermaid dress. However, the column dress is straight up and down. It will help to stretch and elongate the body and highlight your feminine curves.

If you are a big or curvy lady, this dress style is not for you. It is perfect for those that are short with small curves.

The Neckline and Upper portion of Wedding Dresses for Short Curvy brides
Sweetheart Neckline

The sweetheart neckline is ideal for a woman that wants to show off her breasts.

It should be taken into cognizant this neckline is not for those that are flat-chested or has a flat and fallen breast. This neckline is perfect for full-busted ladies.


The halter neckline is suitable for different brides. It can be flattering to smaller breasts because it can help squeeze together the breasts for a fuller look.

Taller brides can also benefit from the halter neckline because it gives a longer upper body look. For those that have a short waist, the halter is a great choice that will bring out the beauty in you.

Empire waist

The empire waist is suitable for short women; it is perfect for someone that wants to visually look taller. It creates a higher waist for you to stretch your lower body. It is appropriate for a taller lady as well if her groom is very tall.

The combination of the empire waist with A-line dress, a shorter bride will look much taller and grab more attention. This combination should be top of your wedding dresses for short curvy brides shopping checklist.

Long Sleeve with Lace

The long sleeve with lace is a bit more conservative than the others mentioned above. This will look good on brides that want to hide very board shoulders or chubby arms. It is also a very flattering look for a bigger bride.

Long sleeve with lace

These are the factors that must be considered when shopping for that perfect wedding dress.


Notably, I have left out a particular type of wedding dress shape, not because I forgot about it but for the fact that it doesn’t give a perfect fits for most short and curvier ladies – The Ball Gown wedding dress.

The Ball Gown

The ball gown a big dress with a full skirt. Many brides will love this dress because it stands for – it reminds people of fairy tale stories. However, not everyone will look good with this type of skirt. A short bride will be weighed down in this type of skirt.

A bigger than average or an overweight lady cannot wear this dress. It will make you look bigger than you are. When you have huge breasts, you shouldn’t go for this gown because the full skirt will add more weight to your whole appearance.

Weddingtin is dedicated to helping you find the perfect dress for your big day. Our wedding dresses for short curvy brides collection are very affordable, you can have the wedding dress of your dreams for less the price.

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