Singles Day 2019: Awesome benefits of celebrating singles day Holiday as Married or in a Relationship

Singles Day 2019 is a day set aside for young people to celebrate their youthfulness and independence. This day is celebrated more in China where it’s originated, and this year’s singles day wouldn’t be an exception.

People go shopping, clubbing and hanging out in cool fun places to celebrate. Alibaba, one of the world’s biggest e-commerce website was reported to have made a whopping sum of $15 billion from customers in 2015, buying things on their website.

Some Stock market analysts predicated that Singles Day 2019 in China will be larger than Black Friday in the United States.

In addition to great sales and celebrating youthful independence, many people attend parties at clubs or bars with their friends. Karaoke bars are quite popular among young people during Singles Day.

Although this holiday was meant to celebrate singles lifestyles, some people have used it to bid goodbye to their single lives and find a spouse. Many young people attend dating parties to find a suitable spouse.

History of Singles Day

Singles’ Day is popularly known as a Chinese holiday that originated from Nanjing University in the 1990s. It was initially called Bachelor’s Day due to four male college students that initiated the movement.

They decided to celebrate themselves for being single and pinned it to this day (November 11th). This idea spread to other universities and subsequently moved into mainstream Chinese culture.

Singles’ Day was originally a holiday for men, but now it also celebrates the single lifestyles of women in the society.

Awesome benefits of celebrating Singles Day 2019

A lot of benefits await couples on this day – from shopping at a lower price to rekindling and creating new fun memories. Celebrating singles day should not be an excuse for couples not to take advantage of the benefit of the day to celebrate their union and love life.

On Singles Day 2019, many e-commerce websites and shops launch massive sales that attract consumers. The best part is that the prices of goods are mostly discounted. Therefore, you don’t need to break the bank or tear your pocket because you want to buy beautiful and expensive things for your lover.

Provide fun time for couples

This day allows you to spend fun time with family and friends. Restaurants and bars would be open for longer hours and probably sell to customers at a lower price.

You can take your wife or husband to beautiful and exciting places he or she has always wanted to go to. It’s a public holiday; therefore, there is enough time for bonding and sharing an intimate moment.

Shop at a discounted rate
single day 2019

Most shops and e-commerce websites give out discounts to their online customers.  From electronics to clothing, many goods are purchased during this holiday. Bridal dresses, flower bouquets, tuxedoes are also not left out.

So it is wise you take advantage of the day to shop for things you might need for your wedding. Wedding vendors can also seize this opportunity to buy goods they need for their wedding gigs.

Rekindle your marriage and relationship

Singles Day 2019 holiday will provide an avenue for people to find love and get married even if it is a holiday to celebrate singlehood of young people. In that light, the holiday has given room and also helps to rekindle many marriages and relationships.

Singles Day 2019 holiday allows you to hang-out and spends an awesome time with your significant other. Restaurants, bars and plenty of fun places would extend their closing hours to accommodate the high influx of customers to their establishments.

There is absolutely no excuse for you not to take advantage of this season, even if you are working late. Businesses will be open for 24 hours, take your significant other out, and give them a memorable experience that they would remember for a long time.

I promise you, singles day 2019 is going to be an awesome one and you are not going to regret it. Let us know what’s your experience like with the previous editions. Comment below

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