3 Engaging Steps to Write Funny Wedding Vows: 10 Wedding Vows Sample for Him or her

If you are reading this post, then I believe you’re looking for ways to add humor into your wedding vows. You want to personalized your vows, so to express yourselves through your writing.

To write funny wedding vows, some few steps need to be taken to make them hilarious and also pass on your love message to your significant other.

We have put together some free funny wedding vows samples to help motivate you in the right direction, as well as give you some ideas on how to write funny wedding vows of your own for him or her.


What’s Wedding Vows ?

We have one time or the other dedicated our lives to something and stood by it. You may have promised to gift your baby a toy and you fulfilled your promise. When you hold your own side of a bargain or fulfill a solemn promise – This single act is known as a vow.

Wedding vows is no different. For better understanding, wedding vows are those solemn promises couples made to each other on their wedding day and sworn to keep to the agreement.

However how serious this may seem to be, you can still make it fun. If you think having a funny wedding vows for your wedding will make you look un-serious, then you need to change the way you think.

Whether you want to write your own vows or borrow from already published words, funny wedding vows are important inclusion into any wedding vows.

They help to calm and relax guests while lightening up the wedding ceremony. To help you write funny wedding vows, we have map out steps that will guide you in your quest.

How to Write Funny Wedding Vows

In my opinions, it is better to focus on those fun things you have in common with your lover, if you must write funny wedding vows. This is a reliable way to get your personality and your sense of humor to come through in your writing.

Writing your own vows can be challenging and even more when trying to make people laugh. I recommend you check our tips when writing your own funny wedding vows.

Common Interest

Before starting up on you quest to write funny wedding vows. First you to start by thinking about what you and your bride or groom have in common—your tastes, hobbies and aspirations.

Think of more unique qualities and be creative about your writing. For example, let say you both loves watching movies.

Funny wedding vows like this could come handy “I can’t wait to watch desperate house wives with you for the 800th time” isn’t this amusing.

Opposite Characters

As the saying goes “like pole repel while opposite attracts” You can use those opposite characters and fuse amusement into it when you want to write funny weddings vows for him/her.


Ponder about what you love to do that drives your sweetheart a bit crazy, and vice versa. The more aware your guests (family and friends) are used with these characters, the better. It’s much easier for everybody to laugh when they are in on the funny wedding vows.

Points to Avoid

When you wanna write funny wedding vows, they are topics to avoid – for you not to create an awkward moment when saying your wedding vows. Stay of words or jokes that brings back memories from old relationships, fights, body parts and about your sex life.

Samples of funny wedding vows for him or he

  1. I (groom’s name), take you (bride) to be my lawfully wedded (wife) and tennis doubles partner, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, for when we win and the very, rare occasion when we lose. I promise to love, honour, and cherish you, to return your serves and do my best not to foot fault. This I solemnly vow to you.
  2. I, take you today, (bride’s name), as my bride even though you and I know you aren’t perfect. I take it upon myself as long as you bring me my Bud Light things will be fine. I vow I will try to eat your cooking as long as you don’t make me look at it first.
  3. From this day forward, I promise to declaw your cat Fluffy so that you are not scratched. I will always make sure the litter box is clean and will keep cookie (their cat name) out of spot’s house. I will love you for richer or poorer, so long as Cookie gets pedigree cat food.
  4. I take you to be my lawful wedded husband, the father of my children, and naughty friend until death do us part. Just stay away for one week per month. Lol!
  5. I promise to be with you through thick and thin. To there with you during the toughest of the trials in our life and to cry with you. These trials do not include crying for your favourite football team when they lose. You’re crying on your own.
  6. I vow to love you through the difficult and the easy. I will never put you or myself in danger. I will never force you to eat spicy food. I will also never force you to eat spicy food with me as I did on one of our first dates. I love you so much to want change your colour.
  7. I promise to love and cherish you as much as I do our dog, Smart. From this day forward, I promise I will clear litter box. I will love you in sickness and in health, as long as you take care of the vet visits. I promise to cuddle with you as much as I do Smart and give you a treat whenever he gets some, too.

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