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Most times when planning for weddings, you tend to forget the adorable little ones that drop the petals on your way down the aisle. You spend your time finding the perfect dress, getting your hairstyles for wedding ready and making sure your bridesmaids are in line, but most time you forget the flower girl hairstyles for weddings.

Flower girls are as important as any other person on your bridal train. Their dresses and hairstyles should be included into your wedding checklist. They feel excited when they dress up looking beautiful like other adults.

When you wear this little ones, their Flower girl hairstyles for weddings, it is a great way to bring out the princess in any girl to the surface and make her look her best. There are various hairstyles out there, depending on the length, hair type and the availability of flower accessories. This styles are suitable and good to be worn as flower girl hairstyles for weddings.

When you look at the below pictures of flower girl hairstyles for weddings, you will see hairstyles of different shapes and sizes. Some of them can easily be made at home, while others can be done by a stylist.

No matter the occasion – wedding party or dinner party; you can pick from our carefully selected list of flower girl hairstyles for weddings from the gallery below and recreate it to suit your choice.

11 Flower Girl Hairstyles for Weddings

We have selected beautiful easy to wear flower girl hairstyles for your wedding. You can use them or re-create them into your own style.

1. Perfectly Flipped Ponytail

When a styling perfectly flipped ponytail. Setting up your flip a little higher up gives you the perfect chance to do a larger wrap around just underneath it! These flower girl hairstyles for weddings goes from cute to classy, depending on the accessories you add into the flip.

2. Curls Ponytail


This hairstyle showcases the face and keep loose curls out of the way. This is a peak updo for any ponytail girl, but this hairstyle is perfect for weddings. It is mainly recommended for short to mid-length hair. Joining petal-like curls and flowers delivers one truly unique look.

3. Curly Low Bun


Curly low bun is a glam, flower girl hairstyles for weddings. It is a simple and pretty hairstyle easy to re-create at home or work. Just curl the hair using curling tongs and wrap it into a low bun.

Gather the flyaway hairs, add a thin, floral headgear, and give your little ones a glamorous touch. Follow this simple guides to re-create this easy to wear hairstyle.

4. Braided Updo Flower Crown  


Braided updos are perfect for weddings, as they mix the glam of the up’do along with the incredible and fanciful loose hair. This braided updo is extremely flattering for girl with round face. The fresh, flower crown adds a sharp finishing touch to a flawless look.

Messy updo make good flower girl hairstyles for weddings. This style is perfect for medium to long hair type

5. Braided bun with flower

Braided bun with flower

Braids are easy and fashionable way to maintain your hair with very little effort, this hairstyle can be done on your flower girls or your little daughters.

Braided bun a protective style. So, if you wear weaves, twists or braids that are all bundled up into a complex updo, or half updo, then it will be classed as a protective style.

6. Side Part Ponytail

Ponytail side part is a hairstyle that give a beautiful and playful look. To do this, tie the ponytail on one side and mask the hairdo with a tie; you can also divide off the hair for a polished look. Now you can add flower into the hair do to give it that perfect flower girl hairstyles for weddings touch.

7. Braided Crown with flower

These flower girl hairstyles for weddings are good for shiny and long hairs. To create this handy hairstyle on your flower girl – just braid a thick band to form a crown and add a single flower for a stylish touch.

If your girl has a natural curly or straight hair, you need to use a styling tools for locks, and add some hair spray to keep them in place.

8. Messy Updo


Messy updo make good flower girl hairstyles for weddings. This style is perfect for medium to long hair type . To copy this hairdo, pull the hair behind into a ponytail and wrap it, locking it behind your head. Add fancy floral hairband to make your little flower girls looking beautiful.

9. Hippy Double Braid

Hippy Double Braid may not be a widespread wedding hairstyle, but it is very chicky. As unconventional this may seem, you can re-create as flower girl hairstyles for weddings for any occasion. Yours girls will enjoy this multi-braid messy look with tiara. This hairdo fits into a more low-key wedding or a DIY wedding.

10. Messy Floral Long


This is an amazing flower girl hairstyles for weddings, it is good for girls with long, casual ‘do. To re-create the soft waves and a messy finish, use a curling iron to curl the bottom hair.

To get a more natural-looking waves, skip the curling wand and scrunch the bottom hair a bit.

11. Middle Twist Braid with Flower

This is a classic, age-long style for any traditional wedding. This Angelic curls perfectly match a sweet and stylish flower girl as she walks down the aisle. This hairdo can be worn for a variety of formal occasions.

There you go! Our easy to wear flower girl hairstyles for weddings. Whether you are planning on styling your little girls hair or taking them to a hairstylist, this post a source of inspiration to you.

Four your thoughts and observations please use the comments section below. Your feedback is of great value to us!

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