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Yes! Your big day is by the corner. Shopping for your wedding dress can be overwhelming, exciting but also exhausting and scary especially for plus size and curvy lady. Don’t worry our wedding dress shopping tips will help you pull through.

Shopping for work dress as a plus size woman can be tiring, imagine how it’s going to be when shopping for your wedding dress – Nerve-wracking right.  To make matter worse, most bridal shops are understocked with plus size wedding dresses.

Finding the perfect wedding dress can take a long process and isn’t always easy. To help you avoid any bridal boutique problems or search frustrations and making the process a fun one. We’ve put together this guide to help during your bridal shopping.

Our top 9 wedding dress shopping tips are compiled from Top of plus size models and Bridal experts within the industry.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Plus Size bride

Stunning wedding gown ideas to consider

These are the required wedding dress shopping tips every bride should put in mind when shopping for a perfect wedding gown

Have a price in mind

Before trying out so many gowns and wasting productive time, have a price range in mind. Set your budget and streamline your search towards it. This will give you ample time sorting out the amazing options you can truly afford.

Remember, your dress budget should include your veil, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, and other accessories, not just the gown.

Be Open to Suggestions

Maybe you already have the kind of fabric you want for your wedding dress in mind. Be open to Suggestions. Don’t get rid of anything at first glimpse.

When a bridal expert recommends something and says you should try. Give it a trial – even if you don’t at first like it. Do you know it’s likely you may fall for a wedding gown you didn’t think you’d like or want?

A top wedding dress shopping tips says “not every dress looks great on a hanger, but become transformed when it is put on”.

Set out early

Start in time when shopping for a wedding dress. Six months before your wedding day is ample time to start your shopping, this gives room for any changes you may want to make.

This time also gives you room to book appointments to a few boutiques and schedule for wedding gown fitting.

Book an appointment

Your budget has been set and your idea style of wedding dress is known. Now it’s time to book an appointment in bridal shops or department stores. This is one of the foremost wedding dress shopping tips every bride must imbibe.

Find out about their price range and their time of operation. If you have any specific designers in mind, find out which stores have them in stock.

Booking an appointment secures you a full hour of undivided attention from the salesperson.

Cut Down Your Entourage

Your family and friend’s counsel or opinion can help you make a better choice while shopping for your wedding dress. I know how overwhelming it is for you to want all your friends to tag along.

As awesome as may this sound, it is not a good idea.  With too many people’s inputs come with clashing opinions.

As one of the wedding dress shopping tips for 2019, limiting your shopping party to small quantity will do you more good.

Consider your dress code

Buying a wedding dress with V shape neck that shows off your cleavage, may not be accepted where they are a religious restriction.

For example, if your wedding is going to place in a church or mosque, consider religious boundaries when shopping for your gown.

It will be in your best interest, to find out whether there are any dress rules you’re required to follow, such as covering your shoulders or arms.

Focus on comfort 

Your wedding day should be a stress-free day in term of what you wear. Comfort should be your topmost priority when shopping for wedding dress.

Weddings are not an hour thing, it a marathon. Therefore, Shop for a dress that fit your present figure. Perhaps you may have seen a beautiful gown that’s little smaller in size.

You convinced yourself to lose weight before your wedding day, so as to fit into the gown, but you won’t. That is the simple truth.

 It’s much easier to fit into a slightly-bigger dress than a too-small dress. Comfort is one of wedding dress shopping tips that should not be taken for granted.

Ignore those who body-shame you

Most bridal experts will tell you “Ignore those who body-shame you”. This wedding dress shopping tips should not be overlooked.

There are judgmental salespeople out there that will openly body shame you. Some do it on purpose and some don’t even know they hurt you with their words.

This is why it’s so important to find an expert that’s right for you, with lots of experience in plus size bridal dressing and have zero judgmental tendencies.

Avoid the weekend

Rush hours like Saturdays and holidays are actually the worst time to shop for a wedding dress. The shops are crowded and rowdy.

Scheduling your appointment for Tuesday or Wednesday early afternoon when the shops are less crowded and calm is the best.

The benefits are you get the full attention of the salesperson (personalized shopping experience). You are treated with care because they are fresher and their pleasant sides are still intact.

Bridal expert, Keng warns against shopping on weekends if you’re looking for a laid-back experience.

Her wedding dress shopping tips says “The store is always at capacity, the energy is a little crazy!” then “it is better to bring fewer friends with you”.



I believe these wedding dress shopping tips mentioned above are pathways for every bride who wants a perfect wedding day. It takes a lot to put up a successful wedding celebration, don’t allow your wedding dress to ruin it for you.

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