Weddingtin Present: Isoko Traditional Marriage attire

Isoko traditional marriage attire for bride and groom
The Isoko people are colourful in nature; they are mainly situated in the coastal region. They are one of the major ethnic groups behind Urhobo; that lives in Delta State. The fascinating things about the Isoko are their festivals, wedding ceremonies and their glamorous traditional marriage attires.
The Isoko people are water-related in their cultures. During festivals, they have swimming, fishing and dancing contests. The king of the isoko people is called the Ovie, and his queen is called Ovieya.
Isoko traditional marriage attire consists of many colors; conspicuous and brighter colours. Their main colors are yellow and blue. They are firmly connected with their river cultures. Therefore, the blue color is predominated in their clothes as it symbolizes their connection with rivers. They also like green, the green color is associated with life itself. Yellow color stands for richness.
If you’re an Isoko/urhobo/ijaw woman planning for your traditional marriage, or you are from elsewhere and about to marry Isoko/Urhobo man, and you find it difficultly hard to decide what to wear, and what colours to combine. Then article is for you. I have placed photos for you guys to look through to make your Isoko traditional marriage attire glamourous. Weddingtin got you covered.
Traditional Marriage Attire for Men
Men wear long shirts and pants or male skirts. Isoko traditional attire has evolved with time and men prefer to wear cowboy like hats, with a walking stick. They wear long shirts and pants in bright colors, like blue, yellow, orange or white. The colors of their clothes are in harmony with colors of their female counterpart. 

An Isoko groom in his traditional attire

Traditional Marriage Attire for Women
Traditional attire for Isoko women consist of long cotton skirts, blouses, and traditional head tie. Women also like to wear beaded head crowns and red coral beads. Isoko women are one the prettiest women in the world when they appear in their colourful traditional attire.

The Isoko traditional marriage attire for a woman consists of a traditional head-tie, blouse, wrapper (2) set. Isoko women are flamboyant in nature and are not afraid to mix colours. The predominant colors in their clothes are blue, yellow, orange, green or white
More Photos of isoko traditional attire for weddings 

Beautiful Isoko couple in their Traditional marriage attire