ZINO’s RECIPES: Goat Meat – an Important Addition to Foods Served at Wedding Party

Goats are domestic animals Goat is a healthy meat source that has become popular in restaurants, stores and wedding menu. Goat meat has been consumed around the world for centuries, and it’s prevalent in African and Asian cuisine.

Goats are easy to rear. Goats have characteristics that make it possible for them to survive in an environment like the tropics; their foods are not far fetch and there are different breeds of goats.
Goat meat is also known as the chevon or mutton (adult goat meat). It is a commonly consumed meat because of its high protein, iron and low fat level. Goats are known for its meat, fur and milk.
Goat meat has a gamey flavour, and tasteful when compare with other forms of meat.
The healthy part of Goat meat cannot be overlooked, here some health benefits;
1.      Goat reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease
2.      Goat has fatty acid that may help prevent cancer and other inflammatory conditions.
3.      The meat has Vitamin B, which helps you burn fat and reduces the risk of obesity

4.      Goat meat in the diet during pregnancy reduces the risk of birth defects
5.      Goat meat has iron recovery effects which help during menstruation and give relief from menstrual pain.
6.      Goat meat help to maintain healthy thyroid function etc.,
Goat meat has been an important addition to our meal and our party foods are not an exemption. There are lots of delicacies that can be prepared with/from Goat meat.  Examples of cuisine made from Goat meat or prepared with goat meat are; white soup with goat meat, goat meat pepper soup. Egusi soup & goat meat, vegetable soup with assorted goat meat, Goat meat & tomato sauce, goat meat barbeque, Asun, goat meat kabab, Curried goat stew
Today’s wedding party is never complete without the presence of Goat meat in any of the food on displayed at your wedding.
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