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Goats are easy to rear. But before you start raising goats, you need to know the breeds that best serve your purpose. Goats are either raised for meat, milk or fur.

If your purpose of raising them is for their meats, then you need to know the specific goat breeds for meat.

Goat breeds for meat do not need well-prepared husbandry. Goats have characteristics that make it possible for them to survive in most environmental conditions. Their foods are not far fetched and some can be lovely as a pet.

Most farmers who breed goat for meat find it ideal to select a good, full-breed male and breed him with some mixed-breed nannies for a specific need.

Goat meat is also known as mutton. Goat breeds for meat are raised because they produced meats that are high in protein and iron with low-fat content.

Here are some prominent Goat breeds that are raised for their meat.

Seven prominent Goat breeds for meat
1. Pygmy

Pygmy is originally from West African pygmy. This goat breeds for meat have a compact and meaty body. They don’t require much space to raise them.

They are kept as a pet by some people. Pygmy has an array of solid colors and some are patterned. Pygmy goats breed regularly, between 9 to 12 months.

goat breed
2. Boer

Boer is bred for meat. They were chosen because of their bigger body shape, high growth rate, and fertility. This is what makes them an excellent goat breed for meat.

Boer goat has a short horn which is often bent close to the head. They are highly resistant to disease and can strive in hot, dry, and semi-desert areas.

3. Kiko

The Kiko goats have a compact and muscular body. They grow very fast, an adult Kiko goat can measure up to 300 pounds.

Kiko is one such goat breeds for meat, which requires little or no attention from the owner. This goat is primarily from New Zealand.

4. Spanish

Spanish goats got their name from the Spanish explorers who brought them into the United States. Spanish goats were the preferred goat breeds for meat until Boer goats came on board.

These goats are medium in size with long-limbed, short-haired, and they come in various colors. These goats are not only raised for meat but also to control brush plants or unwanted vegetative growth.

5. West African Dwarf

These goats are easy to raise, they are friendly and exhibit this character most of the time. West African Dwarfs are smaller and do not require much space to raise them.

They are a good producer of goat milk. If you need a goat that can produce meat and milk, then this goat will serve both purposes.

6. Black Bengal

Black Bengal goats usually come in solid black color. This goat is absolutely gorgeous with adorable floppy ears. They aren’t common in the United State but can found in large numbers in India.

7. Beetel

Beetel goats are usually located in Pakistan. Although this goat is a great producer of milk, they can also be raised for meat too. So if you want goat breeds for meat and milk, then you have got a multi-purpose breed for the price of one.

These are some of the goat breeds for meat you can begin with. Raising Goats is not rock science. You can start with any of the above breeds and in no time, you will reap the benefit of your labor.

Heath benefits of Goat meat

Goat meat has a gamy flavor, and tasteful when compare with other forms of meat.

goat breeds meat

The health benefits of Goat meat cannot be overlooked, some of which are;

  1. Goat meat reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
  2. Goat meat has fatty acids that may help prevent cancer and other inflammatory conditions.
  3. The meat has Vitamin B, which helps you burn fat and reduces the risk of obesity.
  4. Goat meat in the diet during pregnancy reduces the risk of birth defects.
  5. Goat meat has iron recovery effects that help during menstruation and give relief from menstrual pain.
  6. Goat meat help to maintain healthy thyroid function etc.

Goat meat has been an important addition to our meal and our party foods are not exempted. There are lots of delicacies that can be prepared with Goat meat.

Examples of cuisine are;

  • White soup with goat meat.
  • Goat meat pepper soup.
  • Egusi soup & goat meat,
  • Vegetable soup with assorted goat meat,
  • Goat meat & tomato sauce,
  • Goat meat barbecue,
  • Goat meat kabab,
  • Curried goat stew
goat meat

Today’s wedding party can never be complete without the presence of Goat meat in any of the menus displayed at your wedding reception.

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