Infertility Issues: Overcoming Infertility and Get Pregnant Without Stress

Infertility is a hard pill for most married couple to swallow; it is a difficult time for many couples. Overcoming infertility and getting Pregnant without stress is possible and can be achieved.
Overcoming infertility should be a deliberate move by both parties involved, and it is one task couple should go through without putting stress on each other. Infertility issues are trying times for most marriages. Couples should take it wholeheartedly and never portion blame on themselves. Couples need to work together to overcome infertility to conceive to fulfill the importance of marriage.
How to overcome infertility
To overcoming infertility issues, couples should stand by each other, supporting each other all through the trying time. It is no more news that women are often the sacrificial lamb during infertility struggle. Men are mostly the cause of infertility, because of high case of low sperm count recorded in the last decade. 
Therefore, married couples must learn to work in love to overcome their infertility issues together. Here, are facts that married couple having infertility issues should do to overcome infertility in their marriage.
Examine Yourselves
Couples going through infertility issues should avail themselves for medical examination. Couples who have been married for more than three (3) years with regular sex without miscarriage or conception should see a fertility expert.
Studies have shown that men are now suffering more from low sperm counts in an alarming rate. “Worldwide, sperm count has reduced by more than 30 per cent,” and they are increasingly contributing to infertility”. Therefore, men should not be shy but rather avail themselves for examination and medical help. Men with low sperm can be able to fertilize eggs with the help of Intra-cytoplasmic Morphologically-selected Sperm (IMSI).
In the same vein experts have identified that there are categories of women whose infertility issues can’t be explained by medical diagnosis. Such women are believed may have been suffering from endometriosis; a disorder in which tissues forming the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterine cavity. Therefore, undergoing medical evaluation to determine fertility status is important in overcoming infertility in marriages.
Natural method
Natural means of overcoming infertility issues should not be some sort of problem for married people only; the young and unmarried should cultivate approach that overcome infertility by consuming food that will naturally boost their fertility
There are fertility diets for women, which are aimed at giving the body the best foundation and nutrients for potential embryo. Women need good quality protein sources and food with good fats content. Some foods like organic meats, whole grains, nuts and vegetables, Increase good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil and nuts.
Fertility experts have advocated that men should increase their intake of foods high in antioxidants, as it has been shown to boost the quality of sperm. Examples of such foods are Beans, apples, carrots, etc. Foods high in vitamins, magnesium, potassium is good for men.
In a nutshell, what you eat have a real impact on your efforts to conceive and help overcome infertility issues in marriage.
Consider In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
In IVF, egg is collected from the woman and sperm from the husband then fused outside the body of the woman, to form a zygote (fertilized egg)
Medication is administered to the woman to stimulate her ovulation to produce multiple eggs which will be extracted for the procedure.
This fertilized egg is carried and implanted into the woman’s uterus where it develops into a fetus which in turn develops into a child. IVF has shown tremendous benefit to couples who have infertility issues to conceive and bear children. However, this procedure is expensive, but it has proven high chance for conception.
You may have gone to all sorts of places or have tried some unconventional methods; you can still have a baby in your arms and overcome infertility with the help of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
Using a Surrogate Mother
Using a surrogate mother may be new or strange to some people, but I will tell you it has been of tremendous help to couple going through one form of infertility issues or the other. Surrogacy has created an avenue for couples to overcome their infertility and live happily ever after.
Surrogacy is an act where a woman is contracted on an agreement (legal term) to become pregnant; carry the pregnancy till birth for another person or persons, who eventually become legally the parent of the new child. 
There are two forms of surrogacy; the traditional or the gestational surrogacy. 
Traditional surrogacy is also known as natural surrogacy. In this kind of surrogacy, there is natural or artificial insemination of the surrogate; the intended father provide the sperm used in the fertilizing the surrogate’s egg. The new child is genetically related to surrogate, and genetically related to the intended father.
Gestational surrogacy uses the in vitro fertilization (IVF) Technology where the intended parents provide the egg and sperm which is then fertilized outside before implanting them in the surrogate uterus. Gestational surrogacy comes in different form, but in all the resultant child is not genetically related to the surrogate.
There are fertility centers that can help to contract surrogate legally, contact them if there are any around you and ask for professional advice on your intention. Overcoming infertility issues is a lot easier today, so the time to act is now.
Happily ever after to you all.

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