Agony of an African Man – Money Can’t Buy Love

Money play an important role in our every day lives. Money can’t buy love – that is what i was told,but looking deep into that statement, you will find out that the statement is not totally true. Life is an institution where we learn from experience, these experiences play a vital role in shaping the final outcome of an individual. As we grow older, we tend to pick up one or two characters from events that took place in our lives. Aggregately, life experience mode us to exhibit certain character which gradually become a pivotal point in our day to day lives.

People who grew up in the slump – thinks, reason and see life in a way that shows where they are coming from, likewise those that grew up in a clean and better neighborhood.  Some people have the privilege of growing in a lovely home where most things were provided for them, while some didn’t enjoy such privileges.  All these factors shape an individual on how he/she relate with others in terms of LOVE and MONEY

As the saying goes; Money can’t buy Love and you can’t get Love in exchange for material things.  But I will say love needs money for sustenance. How can a young man in a developing nation where most basic things needed for better living condition is lacking. He has no Job, he is not properly educated, he is disadvantaged in every way?  How can he compete with his equals in our part of the World? How can such individual make money in due time to maintain a relationship?

Finding love or someone to love is difficult for a broke man. Marriage on the other hand needs money to keep it running, you need to secure better accommodation, good school for you kids, feed your family and also take good care of your wife. So why do people keep saying money can’t buy love?

From my little experience as young adult, money rule the world, no money no good relationship. Many ladies don’t want to be with a guy that can’t buy them good things, take them to beautiful places or feed them well.

The agony an African man faces each day is enormous, the issue of money can’t buy love should be addressed and looked into critically. In my own opinion, poor African youths must be empowered to earn money to fend for themselves, their parents and love ones. However, this shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of the Government, Churches, Mosque and Schools should start by teaching young ones the importance of savings and entrepreneurship. Young people should be taught the Importance of money and how to be financially independent before they clock 35 years.

Deliberate steps must be taken to prepare children as young as 5 years to understand the benefit and Importance of Money, and how to make money work for them. This can be done by showing them how to be successful and wealthy – through constructive approach to changing the way they think and their general believes toward money.


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