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The great Tarok people are found in about five Local government Areas in Plateau State, as Lantang L.G.A holds the largest population. Tarok people can also be found in a sizeable presence in Taraba and Nasarawa States.

As the saying goes in African society, marriage is the basic unit of family and so it is in Tarok culture. As obtainable in most African Cultures and Tarok culture, marriage customs are described as a life long relationship between two families.

Unlike the western traditions which see marriages as a union between two people only. This definition limits marriage only to the partners and against all other interests.

However, in Tarok culture, marriage is a family affair where the whole process is a collective family responsibility.

The above points explained why divorce is very minimal in Tarok culture.


Where there is an irreconcilable difference between couples, the woman may move to her parent’s house pending when the man can make things right and reassure his commitments to her before she returns to her matrimonial home.

In some rare cases, the woman may remain in her father’s house as long as over a decade, in such circumstances the man can have access to her and even raise children while in her parents’ house.

brideprice in Tarok culture

The brideprice Requirements in Tarok culture is in three folds –

1) brideprice payment to mother
2) brideprice payment to the father
3) the other members of the bride’s family.

Before the brideprice payment ceremony, the bride’s mother must have informed and briefed the groom on those he should visit and pay homage to.

The groom has to travel to meet these people and inform them of his intention towards their daughter – Because in Tarok culture the people believed that a child is not only the sole responsibility of the parent but that of the whole community.

The process for tarok traditional marriage rite becomes visible or pronounced after when the groom has paid or provide everything as mandated by tradition and culture.

The groom is to undergo farming labor for his mother and father-in-law in their respective farms. The groom can invite his friends to lend a helping hand to ease his stress. 

The importance of this act is to see how the groom can be able to take care of the bride when she is finally handed over to him. 

However, it is quite unfortunate that these traditions are no more adhere to, rather some amount of money is paid by the groom to represent the farming he should have done.

The Introduction ceremony in Tarok culture

On this day, the groom and few members of his family visit the proposed bride and her parent; they officially introduce themselves to their in-laws and the marriage plans.

Before this day, a list of items needed for this introduction ceremony must have been handed over to the bride’s parent. See the official list for Tarok people’s introduction ceremony here.

In Tarok culture, the Traditional marriage ceremony of its people is heavily marked with a lot of funfair and jubilation. Women both young and old in various groups sing and dance melodiously. 

It’s indeed the happiest day in any Tarok girl’s life. The bride’s parent prayers for fruitful marriage, instructing and advising the bride to be a loyal and respectful wife to her husband.

To get the brideprice requirements in Tarok culture please call the number below

Please note that this list is subject to changes depending on the family and community you want to marry. It is important to know that some family prefers cash after estimating the cost of all these items. Therefore, negotiation is allowed. best of luck.

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