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Isoko people of Delta state are warm and welcoming people. The Bride price list is an essential and integral part of any traditional wedding. The Bride price legalizes the union between a man and the woman.

Isoko Bride price list is a form of contract agreement two families, it shows the couples were legally married.

Below you will see a comprehensive Isoko bride price list for most community in Isoko kingdom.

Isoko Bride price or dowry is the amount paid or a gifts given to the parent of a bride in exchange for her hand in marriage.

In most Isoko traditional marriage custom the amount paid as bride price varies with different families, communities or kindred.

Therefore, Paying of bride price is an age-long practice in Africa and it is what makes every marriage contract legal.

Before we go further, lets take a look into the process involved in the isoko traditional wedding ceremony.

Isoko Traditional Wedding Procedures

The isoko traditional wedding process in many Isoko clans is simple and can be subdivided into four main procedures.

  • The first visit
  • The Second visit
  • The Bride-price Payment
  • The traditional wedding ceremony.
1.  The First Visit

The groom to be and a few of his family members will visit the girl’s home to introduce himself and make known his intention to the bride’s parent.

At the first visit, the groom will presents drinks with kola nut. The girl will be summoned and she will be asked if she knew the man and will she want to marry him.

She needs to agree to the proposal before his gift will be accepted and for the isoko traditional wedding ceremony to proceed.

The girl’s father introduces the man to some of his family members about 5-10 and about 5-3 of the mother’s family. The groom must visit these people, one after the other and should in greater extends fulfill every request they ask of him.

2.  Second Visit

In many isoko traditional wedding, the second visit is when the groom to be and his family members (about 5 -10) visits the bride’s parents.

The Groom visit the bride’s home to introduce himself and made known his intention to the bride’s parent. They mostly use words like, “We saw a beautiful flower or a she-goat and will want to take it along with us, sir we need your permission”.

On arrival of the groom and his family members, the girl’s family entertain their guest with drinks and kola nut, and then the girl’s father gives his guest money for their trouble finding their way to his house.

The groom’s family will reciprocate by offering the girls family their drinks and kola nut, then paying back two times the money they gave them earlier.

They will be light food and drink, then after entertaining his guests. The spokesperson from the girl’s family will request that man must identify his wife, this in accordance with Isoko traditional wedding rites.

The girl’s father will bring out all his daughters, sisters even older women for the groom to identify his future wife.

This is done to test if he knows who he wants. If the girl he seeks is not among the ladies brought out for him, he can demand the particular person he seeks. When she comes out and he identifies her, there are applauds and singing all over the place.

3.  The Bride Price

A date is fixed, when all members of the girl’s family will meet with their prospective in-laws, this is done to join both family ones more, and the bride price is negotiated and agreed on.

A list of required items needed by the girl’s parent is given to their in-laws to buy or pay the equivalent.

Isoko Bride price list

1). List of things required for the first visit  Whatever the family uses to entertain you, shall be doubled by the proposed in-laws.

2). List of things needed for the Second visit

3). Items to be present on traditional wedding ceremony day

See complete items at Traditional wedding right of Isoko people

couple isoko
Isoko couple/Bellenaija

Please note that in Isoko bride price list, all money including the those items not the list, the bride’s father & mother clothes must be presented to them before the wedding day.

Please note that the Isoko bride price list provided here is from a particular family in Okpe – Isoko north, Therefore, can not be taken on general term.

There are variations according to family, community, and societal status of the bride.

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