Must See: Isoko Bride price list – Grooms guide 2019

Isoko people of Delta state are warm and welcoming people. The Bride price list is an essential and integral part of any traditional marriage agreement in Nigeria especially the in Isoko land and that’s why i wrote this article – Isoko Bride Pricelist

Isoko Bride price or dowry is the amount paid or a token given to the parent of a bride in exchange for her hand in marriage. in Isoko traditional marriage culture the amount paid as Isoko bride price varies with different families, communities or kindred. Paying of bride price is an age-long practice in Africa; it is what makes a marriage contract legal.

Today we will be looking into the marriage price list of the Isoko people in Delta State, Nigeria. For those guys planning or want to marry an Urhobo woman or Isoko lady, this is the perfect groom’s guide for you.

Isoko Bride price list

1). REQUIREMENT FOR THE FIRST VISIT  Whatever the family uses to entertain you, shall be doubled by the proposed in-laws.

2). List of things needed and Procedures for the Second visit  


See complete items at Traditional wedding right of Isoko people    

Please note that in Isoko people’s marriage list, all money including the unofficial payment & clothing for father & mother must be presented to them before the marriage day because they would be asked if they have been settled before the marriage can be commenced.

NB: this Isoko bride price list not constant for all Isoko people, there are variations according to family, community, and societal status of the bride.

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