6 Unique Benefits and Duties of Maid of Honour in Africa

Maid of honour also known as bridesmaid is a young woman, and often a close friend or relative to the bride. She attends to the bride on the day of her wedding or marriage. Typically, maids of honor are girls of marriageable age. Maid of honour may be the bride’s friend, sister or other relations.

The history of maid of honor is believed to have started in the United Kingdom. When a princess wants to get married, her parents delegate maidens or slaves that will serve her in her new home originally the bride and all the maids wore exactly the same dress and veiled their faces heavily, for the purpose of confusing jealous suitors and evil spirits.

As maid of honour, you are the bride’s right-hand person throughout the whole process. You are a leader among the other maids. You are to make speech at the wedding, plan, organize and do many other things. So if you are still doubtful of your purpose, just relax – I am here to help.

Follow up on wedding appointment

As maid of honor, you are the bride’s personal assistant, you are to make sure all her appointments are attended to, you speak with the décor company, arrange the venue, go to dress fitting and many more.

Make everyone get involve

You are leader, the bride finds you responsible enough to co-ordinate the other maids. You also need to take care of some duties for her. Get the other maids in planning for the wedding by delegating duties to them, with this – everyone with feel important and more can be accomplished as a team.

Assist bride in her to-do-list

Help the bride relax, think less and focus on more on her wedding. Take up her appointment with caterer, cakes and weeding dress fitting. Chat, bring up fun games and enjoy girl time without any wedding talk. Plan her Bachelorette party.


Being a maid of honour avails you to lots of things or experiences. You will have a firsthand experience on how to plan for marriage, you will meet new people. The benefit of being a maid honour is so enounous but, here a few of them.

The next in line

It is believed in most part of the world that after serving as a maid of honour, the next person to get married should be you. I don’t know how efficient this is, but I have seen where it happens. This is true.
Here is an experience of mine;
I meet my wife the first time at the wedding of a family friend. In fact, she was the maid of honour on that day; from there we became friends until we fell in love and then got married. You see how being a maid a honour can expose to eligible man.

Gain experience on wedding planning

One of the major duties of a maid of honor is to help the bride in planning for her wedding, help bride meet up with appointments. Therefore, the maid of honor invariably acquires experience with planning and budgeting for a wedding. She consciously or unconsciously equips herself with lots of experience that will be useful during planning for her wedding.

Make plenty of friends

The maid of honor most times is the person you see or contact before you could get access to the bride. She is like a personal assistant to the bride; this singular thing makes her the first point of call. As wedding guest there are times you will need her favour, so you have to make her your friends. With situation like this the maid may end up having made lots of friends from the wedding.

For intending brides I will say; relax more and dedicate some responsibility to your maid of honour. This is why you choose her in the first place to help, so let her do her part in making your dream wedding a success.

For maids, there are lots of benefits as maid of honour, but I will stop here today. In our next discussion I will give you the concluding part.

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