Why do Parents Force Their Daughters to Marry Men Of Their Own Choice?

It may interest you to know that match making/selection of spouses for the female is going on in our society, especially in Nigeria. African parent still holding on to this aged long tradition even in this 21st century.  Why is this act still doing this, even with the level of education or information? Why are parent not confident with the choices their daughters make towards marriage compare to that of their male counterpart?
The conservative nature of our society gives no room or rather placed harsh limitation on the girl child, restricting her and not making her voice heard.
Marriage is an agreed union entered by two consensual individuals. If that is the case why do parents still restrict their daughter from chosen their man?
With that background, I decided to ask few questions, from the answers I got, I can say there three (3) main reasons Parent force their daughters to marry men of their own choice.


Religion is the biggest reason lots of parents stop their daughters from marrying men of their choice, but rather chooses for them who to marry. A typical Muslim family will hardly give out their daughter to the other faith, even if their daughter is in love with such a person. In a severe case the girl might be killed if she persists and stubbornly defiled her parent instructions.


sometimes you hear a person saying “I can’t marry from a particular tribe, ethnic group or region; I am only allow to marry from my own tribe or village”. African Traditional laws as enshrined made it possible for parents to choose a spouse for their daughter. Till this day some parents still adhere to that laws sighting so many reasons for doing so.
One of such reason is; Parents believe there will be better understanding between the couples because they came from the same place, have same cultural orientation and speak the same language.


This cut across every society in the world today. There is a saying; birds of a feather flock together. People want to move with their kind. That’s why, most parents want to give their wealthy friend or an influential men their daughter for marriage rather than allow them marry men of their choice.
If you look critical, you will see that there are a whole lot of factors hindering the right of the girl child to making her choice, especially, when it comes to marriage. The points mentioned above is not the only factors facing the females, there are more I couldn’t point out here.
African traditions have placed the females in a disadvantageous position, but I am glad things are changing gradually with more informed/educated parent.
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