Wedding Menu: How to Prepare 5 Ebira Foods Served in Most Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

One aspect of African culture that is suffering today due to globalization is her food.  Africa in general and Nigeria, in particular, have varieties of food that should be included in our contemporary wedding menu. Ebira foods are one of such foods.

It is important to note that some of our local delicacies are becoming extinct. Therefore, measures must be put in place to checkmate this.

I believe that some Ebira foods should be included in today’s wedding menu especially during occasions like Traditional weddings, wedding receptions, and corporate functions.

This will go a long way in keeping traditional Ebira foods and their variants inexistent. Traditional wedding in Ebira Land is not complete without entertaining guests, that is where Ebira food comes to prominence

To make our traditional weddings and occasion special, Ebira foods must be included on the menu.

Therefore, adequate preparation must be put in place to ensure that catering for your ceremonies is at its best.

In this article, we will take a look at Five Ebira food served in most traditional wedding ceremonies that you rarely take note of.

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5 Ebira foods and How it is Prepared
1. Epeiza

Epeiza is one of the five Ebira food served during a typical traditional wedding ceremony. This food is celebrated among the Ebira people, especially during traditional weddings. It is also known as beans soup.

Ingredients required to prepare Epeiza are; beans, meat or fish, seasoning, salt, pepper, onion and locust beans, palm oil. In preparing this soup:

How to prepare:

The beans are crushed with its coat into flour. Pot is set on fire, water is added and allows to boil for 15 minutes then meat or fish, seasoning, onion, pepper is added consecutively.

The mixture is allowed to boil for about 20minutes, then the beans flour is added to the boiling stock and allows to cook properly together. Epeiza is served along with pounded yam, fofo (cassava ball), eba.

2. Ebatu

Another Ebira food served in many wedding menus in a typical traditional wedding ceremony is the EBATU (garden-egg soup). Ebatu soup is made from Garden-egg also known as Eggplant.

How to prepare:

To prepare Ebatu, you need garden-egg, seasoning, salt, pepper, fish or meat, and water. Ebatu soup is consumed with pounded yam, eba, and fofo (cassava ball), amala.

3. Apapa

Apapa is another food that should be included in any Ebira wedding menu. To my observations Apapa is served in receptions or any other occasion.

Apapa is like the regular moi-moi, the only difference is that the coat of the beans is not removed when milling.

Ingredients added are palm oil, pepper, onion, potash for softening and salt. Others are crayfish, meat, egg and fish

4. Gorigo

Gorigo (beniseed) is eaten as snacks by the Ebira people, these snacks can be served to guests at traditional marriage, wedding receptions, and naming ceremonies etc, as appetizers.

Gorigo can be grounded into a solution to produce local drinks known as kunu aya, this drink is served chilled to a wedding guest.

Gorigo is grounded in powdered form, mixed with corn and cassava flour to make food ball to eat soup like egusi, etc.

5. Uka

Uka is a yam or cassava ball. It is a delicious and special delicacy eaten by the Ebira people. It is made from yam or Cassava Flour, the flour is gotten when a yam or cassava dried and ground into powder form.

How to Prepare:

Uka is easy to make Ebira food; it is prepared by pouring the flour into hot water and stirred continuously until it becomes so fluffy and smooth.

It can be eaten with any kind of soup of choice. However, okra soups are the soup of choice for optimum benefit.


So friends why not take your time to enjoy any of these delicious Ebira delicacies, whenever you are a guest to any ebira traditional wedding ceremony.

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