Traditional Wedding Rites of Yala, LGA In Cross-River Nigeria.

The traditional wedding rites of yala people are unique and colourful. Yala local government area is in the northern senatorial district of cross river state. They are bounded in the north by Benue state and east by ogaja local government, in the west by Ebonyi state. Yala people speak Igede, ukile and yache language respectively.
The Search and Introduction

The Search / Introduction

The man (groom to be) pays a visit to the girl’s parent in company of his family members and friends. Making his intention known to his in-laws, with them is a token of gift – drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol); a date will be fixed for the second coming, so also to enable the girls parent informed their people about the issue.

Prior the second coming a list of item to be bought will be given to the groom, this item will be use on the main day to finalize the marriage rite.

Procedure for traditional wedding rites of Yala people

The bride’s family is in charge of providing food for everyone; they will be music and dance. All the drinks that will be taken in the whole events will be provided by the groom and his people. After the merriment, prayers are offered for the unification of the two families – An elder from the girl’s family will lead the prayers. Alcoholic spirit (seaman Aromatic schnapps) must be use during the prayers; this is also provided by groom’s people. A token is given to the bride’s parent in a ratio of 2:1 (maybe father N10000 and mother N5000)

After all rights are fulfilled, the bride’s parent will give his in-laws a carton of beer as a take home. This drink must not be taken from the abundant the groom and his people brought along with them – it has to be purchased by d bride’s parent.

Yala Traditional Marriage List

The yala people says they do not pay bride price, but there are items the groom needs to provide for the community and for the bride’s parent. Sometimes the groom may provide the clothes to be worn on the traditional marriage ceremonies for the bride’s parent.

some important part of yala traditional wedding

  1. Food would be provided for everyone at the occasion with music and dances by the bride’s family.
  2. Drinks would be the responsibility of the groom and his people.
  3. An elder from the bride’s family will prayers for the unification of the both families with a hot drink (Seaman Aromatic Schnapps to be precise) provided by the groom’s people.
  4. After this, a token would be given to the parents in a ratio of 2:1 of whatever amount is deemed fit by the traditions.
  5. The bride’s parents will give a carton of beer as a take home to their in-laws, this drink is not to be taken from gifts that the in-laws came with.

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