Exposed: All About Akropong Akuapem Traditional Wedding

Few weeks ago, I wrote on the traditional wedding of the EWE and AKAN people from Ghana, that article spark up interesting comments and observations from readers especially the Akropong Akuapem people from Ghana.

However, there was a recurrent observation, which suggested that we write something about the door knocking ceremony done by a groom and his people.

I want to say thank you all for your comments. Today I will be writing on the traditional wedding of Akropong Akuapem people.

The Akropong Akuapem people are multi-ethnic; they are a combination of Guans (volta-camoe speaking) and Akan people (kwa-speaking). The Akuapem are very humble in fact they are the humblest set of people in Ghana, they are also peaceful and respectful too.

There is a saying about the Akropong Akuapem people, “they are the only people that apologizes to you even when they want to insult you”. For instance, when you annoy an Akuapem man, he will say “I am very sorry but you are a fool”. Hahahaha!!! Funny isn’t it.

Traditional Wedding Among the Akropong Akuapem People

When a young man finds a woman he wants to marry, he discusses with his parent about it. The parent sends out searchers to look into the girl’s character and family history.

If Satisfied by the findings, the man’s parent reaches out to girl’s parent through a spokes-person about their son intention. A bottle of gin is presented, if the girl’s parent accept the drink, that means they are interested for a talk.

The girl’s parent will inform the messenger to go back to those that sent him and tell them ” they have heard their request, and the reply will be communicated to them in no distant time”.

The parent of the bride carries out their own search about the man’s family and also ask their daughter if she agrees to marry the man. When all outcome is satisfactory, words are sent to their in-law to be through the spokesperson and fix a date for both families to formally meet each other.

akuapem traditional marriage
akuapem traditional marriage in Ghana

On the agreed date of meeting, the groom presents a bottle of gin and some money, this act is known as the door knocking – officially proposing to court her.

Wedding Celebration 

The wedding event is adorned with beautiful colors and gorgeous Akropong Akuapem clothing/attire. There are a lot to eat and drink, the whole place filled with people both young and old.

The bride will sit on a wooden stool at the side of her parent and her paternal uncle; it’s the duty of her paternal uncle to give her hand out in marriage on behalf of her father.

The paternal uncle will ask the bride; let’s say her name is Jane, “Jane should we accept these drinks this young man is offering us, to take you as his wife?”When she says yes to the hearing of the large gathering, there are loud cheers and jubilation.

The uncle will declare that they have accepted the drinks and dowry/bride-price presented to them by the groom. A young uncle of hers will hold her hand and lead her to the groom. At that point, women present at wedding ceremony starts singing (for the bride) and cheering.

Bride-Price in Akropong Akuapem culture

The Akropong Akuapem are very modest people and they have strong Christian doctoring (Presbyterian). The bible and church hymn is very important to them.

Here are list of items for any prospective groom to consider when you want to marry

  1. A Presby hymn book (Akuapem Twi version)
  2. Akuapem Bible
  3. 8 tubers of yam (for otoh – mashed yam and palm oil meal)
  4. 3 basket cocoyam
  5. 5 paint buckets of slimy snails
  6. 8 bunches of apem plantain
  7. 8 sets of “silver” for making abe-nkwan
  8. 4 Bottles of schnapps
  9. 8 create of beer and soft drink (soda)
  10. 4 set of wax print cloth
  11. Jewelries
  12. Fine silk head tie
  13. 24 yards of quality wax print (12 yards each for mother and father)
  14. Some money for her brothers
  15. Many more as specified by the community.

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