Tarok Traditional Marriage: Awesome Marriage Philosophy No one Ever Told You

A tarok traditional marriage rite is unique in style, colorfully rich with indigenous food and music.

Tarok People of Plateau state are mostly farmers, they are found mainly in five Local Government Areas in Plateau State, Nigeria. Tarok people can also be found in a sizeable presence in Taraba and Nasarawa States.

Concept of Marriage Philosophy in Tarok Culture

The tarok culture understood the importance of women in their socio-economic structure. It also views women as an indispensable companion but weak and deserves petting with high lobby to keep her under check.

However, in doing this, the tarok man does not tolerate or entertain any excesses which may arise from her condescension.

In tarok culture, certain acts have cultural meanings attached to them. Such acts are as follow

  1. When a man picks up his wife broom and throws it outside his house – it means that she should pack her luggage and leave to her parent’s house for proper training and re-orientation.
  2. If when a man is served his meal complains of insufficient salt taste in the soup – that means his wife was not properly trained by her mother. This is an insult to the integrity of her family which her parents may not take calmly.

Tarok culture believed that a well-trained girl must have a taste of the food she is serving her husband and ensure that it well deserves before bringing it to her husband.

However, these values are fast vanishing away due to the influence of western values which does not share the same value as ours.

Marriage Traditions

In tarok traditional marriage, people see marriage as a sign of responsibility, which obtainable in most African societies. They use Marriage as a parameter to measure responsibility.

An unmarried person’s contribution to any gathering may not be taken seriously; sometimes he/she will not be allowed to contribute to any discussion at the meeting. This is because it is believed that he or she has nothing to offer.

Sometimes the community can mediate to impose marriage by persuading a man and woman to come together as husband and wife and this has worked in many instances. Such marriage is usually between matured bachelor and spinster who had confirmed unwillingness to marry.

When a selected member of the community arrived at the lady’s home, they made their intention known to the unim gan zhi (family head) base on the traditional procedures.

They obtain permission from the father to accompany her to a husband’s house because she has overstayed her welcome in the house.

The father will initially refuse but later oblige, they take the lady and accompany her to a man’s house. The man in most case will be her type, unmarried.

Afterward, the groom will show gratitude by staging traditional rites nna lifir orim, which is a covenant of acceptance. Thereafter, the groom will carry out all necessary traditions marriage rites to his in-laws.

Process of Tarok Traditional marriage rites ceremony

Tarok Traditional marriage rite starts when a man finds a lady he likes then proposes to her if she accepts and both parties agreed to marry each other – the next step is the man visiting the girl’s parent to make his intention known to them.

The girl informs her mother about development. The mother is in charge to discuss the issue with the bride’s father and/or elders in the family.

She will also through the help of a delegate go-ahead to investigate the groom and his family for any questionable characters. If satisfied with the outcome a date is fixed for both families to meet and for the Traditional wedding rite.

The Introduction Ceremony

On this day the groom and few members of his family visit the girl’s parent; they officially introduce themselves to their in-law and intension towards their daughter.

Before this day a list of items need must have been handed over to them – this list differs from community to community. See bride price list for tarok introduction ceremony here.

The process of tarok traditional marriage rites becomes visible after the groom as mandated by tradition to undergo farming labor for his future mother and father-in-law in their respective farms.

Tarok traditional marriage

The friends of the groom may lend a helping hand to ease his stress. The importance of this act in tarok traditional marriage rites is to know if the groom can be able to take care of the bride when she is handed over to him.

Unfortunately, this tradition is no more adhere to, rather some amount of money is paid by the groom to represent the farming he should have done.

Bride-Price Payment

The Bride price payment of tarok traditional marriage is a little strenuous, but marring from tarok is worth it. The introduction and wedding requirements are quite bulky and lengthy.

Nonetheless, they would surely make it easier for you, if you cooperate with them.

Please note that tarok traditional marriage rites and the bride price list are subject to change depending on the family and community you want to marry from.

It is important to know that some family prefers cash, and will estimate the cost of all these items. Therefore, negotiation is allowed. Best of luck.

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