FOOD ALERT: 3 Healthy Isoko Traditional Foods Served in Wedding

Food is a vital part of any celebrations in Africa, it is an essential part of any marriage ceremony. Weddings in Nigeria mark the beginning of a new chapter in any couple’s life.

Therefore, making it memorable should be the main thing on your mind. For me, one way to make traditional weddings memorable is when there are varieties of Isoko traditional foods to choose from, especially healthy ones.

For Isoko couple preparing for marriage, first of all, it is important to think about how the Traditional menu will fit into your wedding. You have to ask yourselves if your wedding menu will be exclusively Isoko Traditional foods or your menu would mixed with other delicacies. Its depend on how to treat your wedding guests.

In this article, I have three Delicious Isoko traditional foods, you can prepare for guest at any Isoko traditional marriage and treat them to an evening they will not forget in a hurry.

Isoko Traditional Foods

In no particular order, here are our healthy isoko traditional foods served in most isoko weddings.

  1. Owo Soup
  2. White egusi soup
  3. Banga Soup
1. Owo Soup 
isoko traditional food served in wedding

Owo soup is a soup that is mostly eaten by the Isoko and Urhobo people from southern Part of Nigeria. If you are planning to have an Isoko traditional marriage and Owo soup is not included in your menu, then you are not ready.

The soup is prepared with ingredients like salt, Akanwa (potash), Dried catfish, thick Kpomo, Cowhead, red oil, Pepper, crayfish, starch, seasoning.


Wash the cow-skin (Kpomo), meat and cow-head place them in a pot, allow to cook add oil into it. Add dry fish make sure they are deboned, add seasoning, salt for taste. Allow to cook then add crayfish (grounded), add oil then leave to cook properly.

Then go ahead to dissolve the starch in a Bowl then pour the mixture into the cooking stock. Sprinkle a little potash into the cooking stock and make sure you stir as you are adding. Keep stirring vigorously as the Owo soup is cooking.

The potash reacts violently with the oil, stir continuously to stop the soup from spilling away. Leave to cook until you achieve a desired thickness. Owo is served with starch or fufu.

2. White Egusi Soup

White egusi soup is one of such food that is exclusively from Isoko people, but the urhobo people are now taking after us. The white egusi soup is prepared in a unique way that only those tutored on it, can give you the perfect taste and thickness.

If you want to treat your wedding guest to a delicious meal that have an isoko touch, then, white egusi soup must be included into your isoko traditional marriage.

Ingredients: Egusi (melon seeds), Meat (you can use goat meat, beef, pork or cow-head), fresh fish, stock fish, kpomo (cow-skin), pepper, smoked fish, crayfish, African nutmeg.


Place pot on fire, put your washed meat and kpomo, add onion, African nutmeg allow to cook for 10minutes. Add fresh/smoked fish – these add or brings a unique flavor to the soup. Add fresh pepper or grounded, salt and seasoning allow to boil properly.

Now to the egusi (melon seeds), make sure its grounded to a powder form. Mix it with little water to form a paste. Then, add the egusi paste into the boiling stock and stir very well.

Allow a little then continue stirring so that it doesn’t get burnt at the bottom of the pot. The soup is cooked when you have a desired texture as shown in the image below.

isoko traditional food served in wedding
3. Banga soup

Banga soup is eaten across different state in the eastern and southern part of Nigeria. It is believed the soup originated from Isoko. Banga is an important food in any Isoko traditional marriage menu.

Banga is prepared from ingredients like meat (Beef, cowhead, goat meat) fish, stock fish, shaki (cow intestine) smoked fish, fresh pepper, onion, seasoning, banga (Palm oil seeds) 


Wash the Banga (palm oil seeds), boil it for 30 – 40 minutes until it softens, take to the mortal then pound to crush – the seed is separated from the skin. The essence of crushing is to be extract the oily juice after mashing and separating the fiber.

Place pot on fire, into the already half-cooked meats and fish add spices, put onion allow to cook for 15 – 20 minutes when it becoming thick add pepper, salt and spice (grounded), after some time you start noticing a separation between the oil and the water.

isoko traditional food served in wedding

If you want to have stock-fish in it, make sure you have socked or parboiled it – this is done to soften it, before adding them to soup. Leave it to cook for 2 minutes, add smoked-fish, seasoning, crayfish close the pot leave to cook until it gets thicken to your desired consistency.

There you have it – our 3 healthy isoko traditional foods you can prepare for your guest during your big day.

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