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The joy of marriage cannot be overemphasized, in a typical African setting – marriage brings lots of happiness, it brings the family together to celebrate the birth of a new era.

Traditional wedding in Nigeria is more respected and valued than any other wedding and Igala traditional wedding is one of such. Most churches may not join couples in holy matrimony if the necessary traditional rites have not been done.

In today’s article, I am going to share with you my experience during an Igala traditional wedding ceremony of a client that I was in charge of her photography.

The Igala traditional wedding customs and rites of the Odobaji village, Olamaboro L.G.A Kogi state, is such a unique one.

The wedding ceremony here is mostly a community affair; the villagers all come together, bringing their quota to make the event a success. Odobaji people are generally loving and accommodating, mostly farmers in cash crops like cashew, etc.

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1. The Journey (Igala traditional wedding)

The journey for a successful Igala traditional wedding starts with the “first knocking” – here the man informs his parents and elders about the girl he wants to marry, delegates will be sent to investigate the bride-to-be’s family.

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After the investigations, if the man’s family is satisfied with their findings, then they can formally notify the girl’s family about their son’s intention towards their daughter.

The girl’s family will also send out their team to investigate the groom and his family likewise.

When the outcome of their findings is good, words are sent out to the man’s family to come for the formal introductions. The man and his family are required to present some gift items.

2. Bride price Payment

I must say that the brideprice negotiation of the Odobaji people is a lengthy one.

Before any further discussion, the man must present the items the family listed to him during the formal introduction ceremony which he needs to present during the Bride-price payment ceremony.

Typically, the list may contain items like;  

  1. 1 full wheelbarrow of yam
  2. 10 liters of Oil
  3. 2 she-goat
  4. 1 bag of rice
  5. Jar of palm wine
  6. alcoholic beverages
  7. soft drinks
  8. money.

The Brideprice Payment does take place a day before the traditional wedding ceremony. The representative of both families introduces their own family member.

The spokesman or representative of the girl’s family will be the umpire of the day, coordinating, making sure things don’t get out of proportion.

In the Past bride-price of igala traditional wedding is mostly contracted with farm produce. The groom may be asked to bring 300 tubers of yam, 10 100kg (bag) cashew, 30 gallons of palm oil or 10 (bags) of palm seed, but all these are now being monetized.

Unique igala traditional wedding

So, the bride’s family will ask for a certain amount of money as a bride-price. Then, the two families go into negotiations until they agree to a certain price. When these happen they are all drink and celebrate, congratulating each other.

1. Igala Traditional wedding ceremony

On that faithful day, the bride’s family will summon their in-laws to a room and hand over to them the bride-price they paid a night before.

This is done to show that their daughter is not for sales and they want her to be properly taken care of. However, this depends on the family and community.

Strict warming is given out; that on no circumstance should their daughter be allowed to starve or suffers undue harsh conditions or maltreated.

The father will bless the new couple before the bride is allowed to go dancing during the celebrations; a certain amount of money is paid to young girls and her friends. This serves as a gate pass into her new life.

The bride will dance into the traditional wedding ground in the company of her friends. They will come dancing to the music and greet the families.

She will change cloth and come out again repeating the same greeting and go back again. She would come back this time only with two of her friends to sit on her chair.

They would be asked to sit and her friends will stop her from Sitting, saying her waist is aching her so, they can’t sit. The guest and the groom’s family will spray money on them until they sit.

The groom dressed in the same attire as the bride comes dancing with two of his supposed best friends. He will sit, then his family and friends will come spraying him with money.

With all rites been fullfiled a typical Igala traditional wedding will commence with lots of celebrations – eating, drinking and dancing. At the end of the day, the grooms take his bride home.

NOTE: In the time of death, no Odobaji daughter should be buried out her father’s compound. Except she requested so.

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