Top Nigerian female celebrities who use and dump their husbands

I know some people will have my head for my position on this matter. I am not Anti feminism rather am I a bigot, this is just an observation I want everybody to look into.
Why do some ladies feel or think they can ride on a man’s money or affluence and after achieving their goals or motives, they suddenly become rude, arrogant, uncaring and something else I wouldn’t want to say here. 

In today’s discussion, I will be talking about the likes of Omawumi, Tiwa etc that rode on the back of their husbands, fiancé or boyfriends to stardom. If you are a keen follower of these celebrities divorce issue, you will agree with me that some of this men (the husbands of these female celebrities) put in all they had – finance, time, scarifies their own career or that of others and stood by these female celebrities when they were nobody.
My people what did they get in return – heartbreak, depression and disappointment. In the spirit of moment here by present to you some of Nigerian female celebrities who use and dump their husbands. 

1.Omawumi and Dr Frabz
The delta state born singer, Omawumi now married, to Tosin Yusuf. She was once in a romantic relationship with Dr Frabz a music producer. To those who might not know Dr Frabz; he was an A list producer, he used to be top of his game. He produced hits after hits in his shinning days; he is behind some hit track for the likes of D’banj, Da Grin and a host of others.
Omawumi made it to stardom as a result of Frabz magic fingers, he worked tirelessly to bring her to limelight. They became inseparable in love, or so it seemed. I felt she was fooling him all alone because she never loved him the way he loves her. She needed something; she got it (fame and stardom). When she has no need for Dr Frabz anymore, she dumped him and off she went.

2. Kefee and Alec Godwin
The branama crooner Kefee, her gentle soul rest in peace. She has been Alec Godwin for ten (10) years and married to him for three (3) years. Alec scarified travelling with his family to settle abroad and decide to stay back in Nigeria to nurture kefee’s musical career, which he so much believed in. She became a hit in the industry (gospel music). When she had stardom and felt she is bigger than her husband and do not need him anymore, she gave him attitude and cheated in some point.

3.Tiwa savage and Teeblliz
Tiwa savage is the rave of the moment; her marriage with Tee blliz hit the rock last week. Judging by the news around the marriage we knew it was heading for dooms day. Here is some of Teeblliz post on his instagram handle about Tiwa Savage.
This is Tee blliz (husband) who gave his all to make Tiwa savage (wife) who she is today.
Undeniably Tiwa savage posted on her twitter handle some times back, how Tee bllizz saved to pay for first ever video that brought to limelight.

With all this evidence you will bear with me that the husband gave his all but what has she given back in return to better his life – Nothing!!! She used him, loved him for his money and now that she is a star, in fact a mega star. She has got what she wanted, and there was no need for Tee blliz, off she went.
To my Guys, please be wise, don’t invest your time, money and energy into a woman’s endeavors/ambitions just because you want to date/marry or get into her kitty cat. You may not know her interior motive; she may be with you because she needs you, to climb the ladder of success or cover up her broke a$$ for the main time. She may be using you bro and by the time she is through with you, she is going to dump you like a piece of dirt.
My advice is; stay with that woman that loves you, even when you had nothing and still want to stick around to share fun memories with you. 
In a nut shell, I am not saying that any group or gender are gold diggers nor am I saying this female celebs are bad people. I am only trying to point out some issue happening nowadays.
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