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Good day all! It gladdens my heart to put together this piece for your reading pleasure. Today, you are going to see our latest designs on Nigerian traditional wedding attire.
Nigerian people loves beautiful and flamboyant clothing. The below beautiful Nigerian attire for wedding will leave spell bond.
Nigerian Traditional wedding attire is a type 0f dress that speak loud about it self. It consist of radiant colors and pattern, it is a form of identification for the people. Every country or race has a distinct dressing style that distinguished them, and Nigeria is not an exception. 
The Nigerian clothing industry has come a long way and have grown tremendously in the last few years. The industry now has in flocks of young talented and vibrant minds in the business. Our traditional fabrics are now exported outside the shore of Africa, international fashion now showcase our fabrics on their runway. Our designers are participating in fashion show and exhibitions round the globe. A lot more still need to be done for our brands to be accepted more globally. 
Let me not bore you with a lot of words, so let’s dive into the matter of the day “Traditional wedding attire”. Our traditional attire is mostly characterized by a lot of colors. We are a colourful people and so our attire should not be less. Traditional attire brings out the beauty in us. Therefore, when you talk about wedding, our traditional wedding attire should be paramount. For any traditional wedding, traditional wedding attire should be the number one form of identity. This attire speaks more about our culture and custom. In no particular other will be x-raying the various traditional wedding attires in Nigeria.

The Igbo Traditional wedding attire
The Igbos has unique wedding culture and attire that distinct to other ethnic group. The igbo people are traders, farmers etc, the attire of an Igbo bride comprises beads worn in the neck, wrist and sometimes waist, a head wrap (gele), blouse and wrapper  
The Yoruba Traditional wedding attire
The Yorubas has one of the most popular dressings in the wedding industry; a lot of other ethnic groups have borrowed a queue from them. Typical Yoruba wedding attire comprises buba and aso-oke, beads etc.,
The Hausa Traditional wedding attire
The Hausa culture is very vast, their wedding ceremonies last between 4-5 days and it’s very colourful. The bride is mostly adore with gele (head wrap), wrapper, lele (black ink for designing pattern on the hand and leg) etc.,
The Idoma Traditional wedding attire
Within the north central Nigeria; the Idoma culture is the most fascinating culture, they are warm hearted and easy-going people and they have a lot of good food. The wedding attire of an Idoma bride comprises red and black cultural dress, red beads etc.,
Niger delta Traditional wedding attire
The Niger delta is made up different ethnic group like the Isoko and Urhobo, Efik and Ibibio, Okrika, Ijaw etc, the traditional wedding attire of a Niger delta bride of beads (the beads are worn on the head, wrist and waist) and wrapper  
feel free to add your comments or your own ethnic traditional wedding attire

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