4 Services To Look Out For When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

They say “diamonds are girl’s best friend” but I would say wedding photographs are bride’s pride. Every woman want to look her best especially in her wedding photograph. No matter how old she is, she never jokes with their wedding photographs. So for any wedding photographer who want to get good recommendation from clients and non-stop job offer – make sure you make the bride look her best and very beautiful in her wedding photograph.
PHOTO-BOOK is the most trendy when it comes to wedding photography; it is all about having everything that took place on the wedding day in a book-like form. In other words, a photo-book narrates in detail all what had happened during the wedding to some one that was not opportune to attend the wedding. Photo-book comes in different sizes and designs. Also, the number of pages in the photo-book is also another deciding factor. Therefore, what you want determines how much you’re going to pay.

Price tag for 50 page (photo-book)
12×10= N40000
16×12= N70000
20×16= N90000-120000
PHOTO-ALBUM is somehow going out of fashion, but it is still relevant in wedding photography. Photo-album comes in different sizes (10×8, 12×10, 16×12, 20×16, 24×20 etc), colour and number of pages. The amount a photographer will charge you also depend on the earlier factor.
PHOTO ENLARGEMENT/PORTRAITS: this is one of the biggest selling strategies for any wedding photographer; a wedding is not complete if there is no photo-enlargement or portraits. Therefore, to make your wedding memory lives on, you should have some pictures from your wedding enlarged, framed and hung on the wall of your sitting room or any other place you choose to have them. Photo-enlargement and framing comes in different sizes too. The size determines the price. Also, the quality of the framing material is another deciding factor too.

10×8= N6000

12×10= N8000

16×12= N20000-16000

20×16= N40000-30000
Printing of hard copies photographs is another service photographer render to client (bride & groom) during their wedding. These photographs are most time placed in a photo-album. The standard size for hard copy photograph is 5×7. Some people do that of 4×6.
The need for soft copies of wedding photograph is on the rise, most couple wants their wedding photographs in these form so that they could share their joy with friends on social media (facebook, instagram) of their wedding. Its reduce cost, by way of having the wedding pictures in a device such as flash drive or disc etc instead of having them on hard copies and photo-album – which incur more expenses to them.

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