A New Beginning for Micheal and Elizabeth as They Tied the Knot

A new year signifies so many things for different people; to some it’s signified the beginning of new life style, new way of thinking, new home, and new job and better living conditions.
For Micheal and Elizabeth 2016 signifies the beginning of a new life for them. They have toiled and labored together and today a beautiful married life is the fruit of their labor. The 1st of January 2016 mark the beginning of new thing to come as Micheal tied the knot with Elizabeth in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

When Micheal and Elizabeth met, it was just on friendly level, with time it grew to likeness, from there the rest was history. Micheal met Elizabeth during a single summit in the church, then worked together in the music department. To them they said the road has not been easy but thank God they made it out together. 
This beautiful couple are deeply in love with each other. From the way they look into each eyes and the smile that comes after it, show that they are really in sync with each other. 
Here are other photos from the wedding ceremony courtesy JAFEL Photography  

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