Photos -Traditional Wedding Ceremony of Uchenna Nwogu and Chioma Akam

The Traditional wedding ceremony of Uchenna Nwogu and Chioma Akam was indeed a unique one. Every one was ecstatic; the atmosphere was filled with glamour and razzmatazz. The colour of the day was Red, white and cream. The venue was distinctly decorated for a big occasion; the cake described the rich tradition of the people. The traditional Attire was original and deep rooted in the Igbo culture. It was indeed a day not to be forgotten in a hurry. 

The love story of Uchenna Nwogu and Chioma Akam was one that was bond to happen. They met and started out as friends as any other relationship. As at that time there were both under graduate of University of Lagos, funny enough Chioma’s dad was also a professor in the faculty of law when Uchenna was a student there. 
This Glorious journey begins when Chioma Akam visited her dad in his office and Uchenna Nwogu spotted her and never lets go since that day. The two hooked up and the rest was history as they say. 

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