Marriage Vow Renewal of Chief Oluwajimidare and Mrs.Oluremi on Independent Day

The marriage vow renewal of Chief Oluwajimidare and Mrs. Oluremi was indeed spectacular, from the church service down to the reception venue was on point. The reception venue was decorated to befit the occasion with touches of splendor.

Exactly 35 years today, October 1, 1980 Chief Oluwajimidare and Mrs. Oluremi got married in Remo Ogun State . Not only did this date remind them of their marriage, it also a day Nigerians celebrate their independent from the British government.

Today Chief Oluwajimidare and Mrs. Oluremi were in a elated as they could not hide their joy after so many years they are still married to each other. Here is what Chief Oluwajimidare and Mrs. Oluremi got to say during their wedding vow renewal

Chief Oluwajimidare
Today I can’t hide how happy I am, by this time every year, my mind flashes back to October 1, 1980 to the beginning of our epic journey. Life has its up and down side but our love and our vow kept us going. Our marriage is blessed with children and grand children, what more can I ask for but to say thank you God. First of October is and will always be a special day in our lives.

Mrs. Oluremi
Hmm!! I don’t know where to start from. October 1, 1980, was just like a day ago, I can’t believe its 35 years marriage anniversary that am celebrating with this man. “You know we met I never gave him a chance but gradually I began to like him and that was how it’s all started. The next thing he wants to know my parent from there it was the engagement, before you knew it we are already planning for the wedding”. Then, we decided to fix it on the first of October and also celebrate with Nigeria on her independent. My husband has been a pillar in my life, a caring father and a loving husband. Am blessed all round, sharing the same anniversary date with our great nation as she celebrate her independent and I am celebrating my marriage.
I vow to trust and value your opinions, and stand by your actions.
I pledge to always treat you as my best friend and equal.
I will ask for help when I need it, and offer help to you always.
Let us be friends and lovers, and grow old disgracefully together

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