Love at First Sight! Photos From Motunrayo Abiola And Oluwagbemiga Adedayo Traditional Wedding

MOTUNRAYO and OLUWAGBEMIGA traditional wedding ceremony was indeed a blast, the ceremony took place in Lagos state. The couple looked radiant, MOTUNRAYO was captivating, she looked flawless in her traditional bridal attire, her gele and wrapper was on point. The event venue was decorated with raffia material and the cake was awesome – it was baked in form of a traditional drum (which signified the culture and tradition of the people). OLUWAGBEMIGA is from Oyo State while MOTUNRAYO is from Ogun State.

When MOTUNRAYO and OLUWAGBEMIGA met, it was practically loved at first sight. OLUWAGBEMIGA’S eyes lit up when he first saw MOTUNRAYO but could not talk to her, he had no opportunity to do so. MOTUNRAYO on other hand wished he could come over to talk to her; she was already carried away by his charm, because he was so handsome.
Fate brought them together again and this time OLUWAGBEMIGA never lets go, he walked to her and ask for her name, from there they became best of friends. The outcome of that friendship is what we are witnessing today – their traditional wedding. Sit back, relax and enjoy what this lovely couple has to say.
My involvement with OLUWAGBEMIGA was a funny one, from the first time we met I have never stop thinking about him, it was love at first sight which I have never admitted until now (laughing). In between I stressed him a lot, I pretended that I don’t have feelings for him, but gradually with time I loosen up, we became great friends, then later lovers. When he pop-up the question he was like “Ife mi meaning my love; will you Marr….” He has not finished the statement when I said yes. I thank God for making my traditional wedding a success.
MOTUNRAYO is a special lady, she has been a source of inspiration to me, she’s a lovely and lively person to be with. The first time I saw her was at a function, she was with her parent and some other people. I couldn’t take my eyes off her because she looked so beautiful that day, she was staring at me like wish. She wore a brown dress that I will never forget. I could not talk to her that day – she was with her parent, I was just wishing if she could step out from there but she never did. As God may have it, I met MOTUNRAYO again after so many months, this time I did not relent from talking with her. We exchange contact, we started talking but she didn’t give in to my advancement, I wooed her for 10 months before she said to me, after that the rest is history.

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