Evangelist Joy Onu & Michael Okala Tie The Knot in a Grand Style

JOY AND MICHAEL got married today, the wedding has such unique style – from the bridesmaid to the groomsmen, down to everyone who attended this beautiful wedding. This is what they have to say

Michael Okala
Like every born again Christian our love story began in the church, we were dedicated worker and devoted children GOD. Sister precious is everything I could ask for in a wife, I am happy today my dream has finally come through.  Asking her to become my wife was all the Holy Spirit doing – I proposed to her through my pastor. To my greatest surprise she has already gotten the revelation that we are going to be husband and wife, she told our pastor about it. She has been waiting for the revelation to be complete all this while, so when brought up the issue of wanting to marry Sister Joy, he smiled and said “thank God it is settled”. To cut long story short that day has finally come and I give good the glory.

Joy Onu

I don’t know to express my feeling and gratitude to God for making to come through in my life, after so many disappointments. I have waited upon the lord and today he has fulfilled his promise in my life. Brother Michael is god’s sent into my life and I bless God for that.

I have been mocked, called all sorts of name, but today God has given me my own. For people who said am not going witness marriage in my wife shame on you, not only that am marriednow, I did my wedding in the presence of God and in his people.

We give thanks to God almighty because it’s his guidance and support that has brought us this far. We also wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to our families who in numerous immeasurable ways contribute to the success of this special day in our lives. To our friends and well wishers thank you for your love, support and prayers. May the good Lord continually shower his Blessings upon you and grant you journey mercies to your various destinations. (Amen)



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