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Bride price in Okrika land is highly regarded and it is one of the important aspects of Okrika traditional Marriage.

The Okrika, people are from the Southern part of the country. They are one of the biggest ethnic group in Rivers state. Marriage in Okrika land is not complete without performing the Ohurikaka.

Ohurikaka is a stage in Okrika marriage rites, it places the women highly and brings prestige to any women who went through it.

In Okrika land, there are mainly three stages of marriage

(1) The Iyaa,

(2) Igwa, and finally

(3) Ohuru or Ohurikaka.

As a prospective groom, you need to prepare because the bride price in Okrika is quite lengthy.

A Groom has to undergo the first one and take it further with the second to authenticate the marriage after parental approval.

For the validity of the marriage to be established, all the stages of the marriage have to be carried out without omission

The Bride price in Okrika Marriage is relatively lengthy and affordable to some extent. Bride price Payment in Okrika culture is an important aspect of Okrika traditional marriage rites.

A woman is only regarded as a truly married woman when the items in her bride price list are provided in full.

If a woman has undergone the first and second stages of Okrika marriage, her marriage is recognized when her man had provided the necessary things required for the third stage.

Therefore, the bride price in Okrika land is an important segment in Okrika marriage customs.

Guys planning to marry an Okrika girl, the below Dowry list is what you should expect. Please note that the bride price in Okrika is subject to change according to family customs and the educational background of the bride.

Marriage Requirement and Bride Price in Okrika land (River State)
1.  For the Father
  1. Pieces of Holland’s Wax
  2. 1 native shirt
  3. 1 hat
  4. 1 big towel
  5. 1 pair of shoes and socks
  6. 1 walking stick
  7. 1 wristwatch
  8. 1 dozen pairs of underwear
  9. 1 she-goat with N10, 000.00 for Slaughtering goat’s head
  10. Matchet with cover and beet
  11. 20 cartons of beer
  12. 2 cartons of brandy
  13. 3 bottles of 3 in one whiskey
  14. 1 carton of wine
  15. 5 crates of (Soft drinks)
  16. 4 crates of malt drink
  17. 4 heads of Tobacco
  18. 1 bottle of grind snuff
  19. 4 line stones
  20. 4 bunches of cola nuts
  21. 1 small basin and knife for the cola nuts
  22. 15 Jars of palm wine
  23. 20 liters of native gin
  24. 1 briefcase with N150, 000.00
  25. Bitter kola
2. For the Mother
  1. 2 pieces of Wax and one material lace (fabric varies)
  2. 3 assorted blouses
  3. Head tie (canopy)
  4. Pairs of shoes
  5. One wristwatch + 1 dozen of brassieres
  6. A handbag and 6 pairs of underwear
  7. 1 big basin full of crayfish with cover
  8. 1 big basin full of pepper with cover
  9. 3 bags of salt
  10. 1 umbrella
  11. 1 suitcase with N50, 000.00
  12. 1 carton of wine
  13. 1 big bottle of wine
  14. 4 crates of malt drink
  15. 4 crates of (soft drinks)
  16. 1 bag of rice
  17. 5 tubers of yams
Okrika bride
3. Family members
  1. 3 cartons of beer
  2. 1 bottle of liquor
  3. 3 Jars of palm wine
  4. 1 roll of cigarette
  5. 1 pack of matches and
  6. Cash – N10, 000.00
4. Youth
  1. Food items
  2. Football
  3. 1 bottle of dry gin
  4. 1 roll of cigarette
  5. 1 packet of matches
  6. N2, 000.00 or more (this is negotiable)
  7. 73 bottles of hot drinks
  8. 4 kegs of palm wine
  9. And other items as listed by the youth leader
5. Grandfather and Uncles
  1. Piece of lion cloth (ise agu)
  2. 1 long sleeves shirt
  3. 1 bottle of brandy
  4. 1 wristwatch.
6. Mother’s people
  1. 1 carton of beer
  2. 1 bottle of brandy
  3. 1 Jar of palm wine
  4. 1 piece of English wax
  5. 1 long sleeve shirt
  6. 1 bag of salt
  7. Malt drink
  8. Basket of onions
  9. Tubers of yam
  10. Palm oil,
7. Unmarried girls (bride’s age group)
  1. 2 crates of malt drink
  2. Soft drink
  3. 2 packets of cabin biscuit
  4. Chewing stick

It is important to note that this bride price list varies from families and community. However, this will serve as a bench mark for you.

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