History and Importance of Wedding cake cutting in Nigeria

Before the coming of the colonial masters cake cutting was alien to us in Nigeria, marriages was about joining the couples together, with all the marriage rites and rituals perform after that the man takes this wife home.

However, in other part of the world especially in Europe wedding cake cutting has been in practiced, but the cake cutting practice was different from what is obtainable today – then the couple cut out piece of the cake, they splashes and scatter it on their head. This was a sign believe to signify that the union is doing to last and will be fruitful. The remaining will be cut and sent to family members that could not make it to the wedding.

Wedding cake was brought into NIGERIA by the colonial masters. They help spiced our wedding traditions by introducing wedding ceremonies/parties with cake an essential part of the celebration.
Cake cutting is not only restricted to wedding alone, cakes are found in everything occasion today. Eg birthday, house warming, naming ceremonies etc.
Wedding cake comes in different form, shape and sizes. It can be customize to suit your choice. Wedding cake has gradually become an integral part of any wedding celebration. Some school of thought believe the bigger your cake the more glamorous your ceremony will be.
Let me conclude with words of 21st century housewife kitchen “cakes are for me an antidote to the stresses of modern living. Although like all great things, it is necessary to enjoy them in moderation, cakes are a big part of our lives. Cake baking is also great fun, and something to enjoy during times of celebration as well. Then of course, there is the very best bit – the eating. How an alchemy of eggs, butter, flour and a few other ingredients can create something that gives such pleasure will always be a mystery to me. But it is a mystery I am very happy to continue to try to solve’’
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