Dishes Commonly Served In Nigerian Wedding Parties Today

Most Nigerians whether rich or poor loves ceremonies; house warning party, birthday and especially wedding ceremonies. For many people, the most important moment in a typical Nigerian wedding is the menu that will be served – So most wedding organizers take time to choose the kind of food and drinks that guests will love.
These days, our local dishes are gradually taking the lead on Nigerian wedding menu. In facts, these foods are one of the top reasons why people attend wedding at times.
Here are some of the foods commonly served in Nigerian wedding today.
1.EGUSI/OKASI SOUP AND FUFU. This is mostly eaten by the igbo people in the eastern part of Nigeria.
2.In the western part of Nigeria, Amala and Ewedu soup is the most common food served at wedding reception.
3.TUWU SHINKAFA DA MEYA KUBEWA ….. is mostly served in the northern part Nigeria, wedding ceremonies are not complete without this food. Tuwu shinkafa(rice ball) and meya kubewa(okra soup) is prepare with dried fish, meat, spices and seasoning.
4.In the southern part of the country we have food like OGHWO SOUP AND STARCH common with isokos, urhobos and itsekire. Also there is AFANG SOUP AND FUFU common among the Akwa ibom and cross-rivers people

One thought on “Dishes Commonly Served In Nigerian Wedding Parties Today

  • January 14, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Thanks for this interesting post on the famous dishes that have been commonly served in Nigerian weddings. I have also tried Amala and Ewedu soup in a Nigerian event at some local Chicago event space. The taste was really good and I would love to taste all of these dishes that you’ve mentioned here.


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