Big Fat Fabulous life: Making A Statement With Your Plus Size Wedding Dress

Every woman wants to look her best, whether slim or fat every looking stunning on her wedding day is all she dreamed of. It is a big fat fabulous life for her.

Therefore, when it comes to finding that jaw-dropping dresses a great deal of hard work and research needs to be put in place to achieve such purpose. 

We believe that every bride is unique and has their taste and preference when it comes to design and style. 

With modern style and innovations, selecting the right wedding dress for the right body type is now made easier. So go ahead and enjoy the big fat fabulous life.

Most bridals have wedding dresses for women in this category (the big fat fabulous life) with numerous style options that help you show off your curves, looking sexy and elegant on your wedding day. 

Choosing what wedding dress to buy can be discouraging especially when you are big yet curvy. 

Don’t be discouraged, our guides for shopping for wedding dresses for that big fat fabulous life is designed to help you match your body type and make the best choice.

Here are some basic rules you need to put into consideration when shopping for a big fat fabulous life wedding dress

Shopping for a big fat fabulous life wedding dress
1. If you Got it Then Flaunt it

Never be afraid to emphasis on your valuable assets that big fat fabulous life and body. You are on the big side yes we know; show off your best features. 

It wouldn’t hurt – if you have a curvy body and a killer backside. Flaunt them, it’s your wedding day, you have to stand out. There are dresses on the shelf that are made for you. Your specification, all you need do is ask.

2. Get what makes you happy

Don’t by any means allow the salesperson to push you into buying a wedding dress your not 100% sure or happy with. It is their duty to make you buy a dress even if it does not fit you perfectly. 

Don’t scarify your happiness to please the salesperson. Check the next bridal…

3. Comfort

For most big fat fabulous ladies the issue of comfort-ability on their wedding day cannot be overemphasized. 

It is better to wear a wedding dress that allows circulation and movement than to wear one that suffocates you.  

Just because you see the dress as a perfect wedding dress – remember during our weddings, it takes a lot of moving around, sitting and dancing with long hours of waiting.

4. Don’t buy a Wedding dress Smaller than Your Size 

As the saying goes it is “better to prevent than to cure”. You have said to yourself “I am going to lose some weight before my wedding day” you, then went ahead to order for a smaller dress than what you normally wear – this could be a bad move.

big fat fabulous life

I am not saying losing weight is not a good thing, but what if your plan didn’t go as planned, that means you have to spend more money to get another wedding dress.

 My advice is to get a wedding dress of your size, then go ahead with your weight loss program. Your wedding dress can be reduced to march your new body size.


Living a big fat fabulous life isn’t a bad idea even if you’re big, fat and chubby as the society has termed you.

You can make a statement and give every one run for their money if you put every single tip here into consideration. 

It very simple, all you need to do, is to start to make those plans now and filling up your shopping list for your big fat fabulous life wedding dress.

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